Arredare la cucina in stile greco: le ispirazioni da non perdere

inspirations not to be missed

It is possible to bring home the sparkling, intoxicating and relaxing atmosphere of the Greek islands: here are many tips and ideas for decorating the kitchen in perfect Greek style, which colors to prefer, the materials to focus on and the inevitable elements, starting with the iconic tiles .

Furnishing the kitchen in Greek style: the inspirations not to be missed

Have you ever heard of Santorini or Mykonos style furniture? It is precisely the islands, with their unmistakable colors, to inspire the Greek style, for some years one of the dominant trends in the interior design landscape. An aesthetic with very specific features that is easy to indulge in any room of the house, starting with the kitchen. In Greek culture, the kitchen is a sacred place: simple but tasty and tasty dishes are prepared to be consumed together, seated around the table, in the sign of conviviality and harmony, of sharing.

To furnish the kitchen in the Greek style, At bottom, just a few tricks are enough and small attentions. Although with some contaminations deriving from the ancient Greek style furniture, the Greek style in its most current meaning it is extremely minimalist and essential, it seems “stolen” from the fishermen’s houses and it is no coincidence that there are very few trappings, in favor of an idea of ​​cleanliness and linearity.

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What makes the difference are decorations such as tiles, to be used for floor and wall coverings, but also colors and materials. Let’s find out everything you need to know to furnish the kitchen in perfect Greek style.


Furnishing the kitchen in Greek style: materials and colors

The Greek style is one of the many variations of the Mediterranean style and is inspired by it, as anticipated, mainly to insular Greece. Islands like Santorini and Mykonos are now part of our collective imagination, with their houses entirely white and blue overlooking the sea. Well, the Greek-style kitchen takes up the same tones.

White and blue are the main colors, flanked by the brown tones of the wood. There is no shortage of more original variations on the theme that boast different colors, but scattered with small touches: energetic and lively nuances such as red, yellow and orange, typical of the Mediterranean style.

Regarding the materials, the furniture is exclusively in wood and this material is also often used to cover the kitchen worktop or to perfectly reproduce exposed beams that give the environment a more rustic mood. They turn out to be fit for purpose also other materials such as terracotta and ceramics. Just think of the iconic Greek-style tiles, which we will talk about later.

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Greek-style furniture for the kitchen: the inevitable features

The Greek style knows no rigid rules or schemes. Like all other styles of furniture, in fact, you can customize it and reinterpret it to your own taste and liking, taking into account first of all the environment you approach, the sizes available and, more generally, the needs of those who live in that house.

There are, however, elements and furnishing accessories that should never be missing.

Table and worktop must be large

There is no Greek style cuisine without it a large table, capacious and able to accommodate as many diners as possible. It usually ranks in the center of the room, as it represents the focus of the entire environment.

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If the space available does not allow it, why? the kitchen is small, better to focus on an “important” work plan and on a smaller table, to be placed against a wall. Choose the wood for the table, while you opt for marble or stone-effect stoneware for the worktop of the kitchen if you want to give more movement to the furniture by diversifying it.


The furniture has simple and essential lines

The Greek style is very simple and minimalist. The furniture is scarce, but carefully chosen: a wall unit with display cabinet, shelves and shelving to accommodate food and knick-knacks, a table where you can have meals together and little else. The Greek-style cuisine reflects the essential lifestyle of those who live on the islands, starting with the fishermen.

In order not to make mistakes, it is important to choose furniture with clean and square lines. Instead, avoid too structured and convoluted furnishing elements, unless you love the contamination between styles and want to give the kitchen a more eclectic imprint.


Decorations and other furnishing accessories

When one deviates from the pure Greek style, it is possible to range more. It is possible to introduce furnishing accessories that have little to do with the simplicity and essentiality typical of the fishermen’s houses on the islands and dare more, with lines, forms and even with color.

Let’s think, for example, of lighting: replace small lanterns and pendant lamps with a monumental chandelier. Combined with the typical colors of the Greek style, namely blue and white, intense and lively brushstrokes of red, green and orange.

Combined ornaments and tinsel that refer to the ancient Greek style, especially with regard to plates and other crockery. In this case, it is a revisited Greek style, which is also inspired by other influences of the Mediterranean style.


Greek style kitchen tiles for Mediterranean coverings

When it comes to Greek style cuisine it is a must to mention The tiles which, usually, characterize the covering of floors and walls in the houses of the beautiful islands that we have already mentioned, from Mykonos to Santorini. They are distinguished by floral and naturalistic or abstract and geometric patterns, how mosaic or majolica.

We advise against covering the floor with this type of tiles, unless you are a convinced admirer of the Greek style. It could be too binding a choice and that risks tiring the eyes. Choose them instead for all walls or to decorate just one. Usually it is preferred to decorate the wall with tiles behind the hob, in its entirety or only in part.

If the actual tiles don’t convince you, There are also lots of Greek style adhesive tiles available, very easy to apply and very cheap.


Furnishing the kitchen in the Greek style: pictures and photos

Did you like our advice on how to furnish your kitchen in the Greek style? Take a look at the image gallery below to find many more inspirational ideas for your kitchen.


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