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The opulence and refinement of Florentine style furniture also in the bedroom: the most beautiful ideas and inspirations for a Florentine style bedroom, among decorated and inlaid furniture, unique furnishing accessories and warm and enveloping colors.


The furniture in the Florentine style it is much loved by all admirers of Renaissance aesthetics and, more generally, of the old glories of Italian art. As the name suggests, this style it refers to the architecture, art and taste widespread in 15th century Florence and, in particular, to opulence and luxury which were palpable in the villas of the aristocrats of that time.

The furniture decorated in Florentine style not furnish only living room and living area are wonderful but also the sleeping area. Furnish the bedroom in Florentine style, indeed, it is an increasingly popular choice, although at first glance it may seem risky.

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The secret is do not turn your bedroom into a museum of antiquity – unless you love the Renaissance style in all respects, of course – but recreate the right atmosphere using a few but wise touches, from the choice of the right colors to that of the furnishing accessories. Let’s find out together how to furnish a bedroom in Florentine style, what are the furnishing elements to bet on and the mood to be inspired by.


Florentine style: why choose it in the bedroom

The Florentine style is very popular for living room furnishings and the dining room, while it is more rare that it is chosen for the bedroom. True enthusiasts of Renaissance aesthetics, however, prefer this particular style of furniture with an antique flavor also for the sleeping area. The reason is obvious: it is not necessary to transform your bedroom into a real fifteenth-century bedroom.

The ideal, in fact, is embellish the environment with classic-inspired details and furnishing elements without overdoing it, especially if you want to insert this type of furniture in the context of a house with a contemporary appeal.

A painting hanging on the walls or a Renaissance-inspired chandelier are enough to evoke the imagination of old Florence. Adopted in small touches, the Florentine style is a great choice if you want to recreate a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, between candles and enveloping damask fabrics.


The colors for a Florentine-style sleeping area

Choosing the right color palette is fundamental in the Florentine style of furniture, and the bedroom is no exception. Florentine furniture is usually characterized by its warm and bright colors, peculiarities that apparently clash with the bedroom. In this area of ​​the house, in fact, we always try to recreate a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, choosing soft and not particularly charged colors.

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Well, if you are of this opinion, the Florentine style is probably not for you. The most suitable shades, indeed, are the warm ones of red, of yellow and orange, to be combined with some shades of green (like olive green) and possibly to white and lighter colors like cream or beige.

A more relaxing alternative is to use pastel colors, which were also widely used in Renaissance Florence.

Italy - Tuscany

The inevitable bed and furniture for a Florentine-style bedroom

The Florentine-style furniture is mainly decorated, inlaid and adorned with floral-inspired decorations that evoke the symbol of the city: the lily. For this reason we advise you to choose furniture that reflects these characteristics, focusing everything on convoluted and soft lines and refined finishes. In short, if you love simple and minimal furniture, the Florentine style is not for you.

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On the other hand, this style of furniture is inspired by the aristocratic residences of 15th century Florence: everything, at that time, exuded opulence and wealth. To transfer Florentine luxury to your home, focus on a few pieces of furniture that are of great impact. Especially if you do not have a very large bedroom, in fact, we do not recommend weighing it down with too many furnishing elements.

Choose a bed with a padded headboard and place a velvet pouf or dormeuse at its feet. Opt for an inlaid wood wardrobe and create a small relaxation area by placing a table and two armchairs in a corner of the room.


Furnishing accessories to recreate the right atmosphere

Lighting is key. Chandeliers are ideal for a Florentine-style bedroom, to which wrought iron floor lamps and wall lamps may be added. Privilege, always, warm light: the cold one of the neon bulbs, for example, would not just clash with the rest of the context.

Hang classically inspired paintings on the walls, preferring still lifes or bucolic subjects. Don’t forget to select carefully curtains for your bedroom: they must be “important”, heavy, with drapery and floral decorations. Speaking of textiles, linen plays a very important role for a perfect Florentine-style furniture: forget light and fluttering sheets in favor of quilts and damask blankets.

You can further embellish the environment with a large mirror with frame in gold color and place one or more carpets at the foot of the bed.


Florentine style bedroom: pictures and photos

Did you like our tips on how to furnish a bedroom in Florentine style? Take a look at the gallery of images below: you will find many ideas and inspirations for your Renaissance-flavored sleeping area.


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