How to take advantage of high ceilings: 10 functional solutions

How to take advantage of very high ceilings to obtain more harmonious and proportionate environments? Here are 10 functional solutions, useful for enhancing the ceiling and for using the available space in a clever way.

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Houses from a few decades ago were designed with very high ceilings and wide walls. This feature is now considered not very functional to modern needs, because a house with a high ceiling it tends to heat up less quickly and to disperse the accumulated heat more easily.

However, there are those who cannot do without it, because a high ceiling is less oppressive and offers a more airy spatial perception. But yet, if not furnished in the right way, a room with a very high ceiling it might look smaller than what it really is.

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Balancing volumes, playing with proportions, is possible thanks to some tricks, from which you can get lighting effects surprising, major containment spaces or even the Possibility of take advantage of the ceiling for install a hidden cooling system and not at all bulky.

In short, a high ceiling is not an obstacle, but an opportunity not to be missed: here are 10 functional solutions to exploit a ceiling a lot tall and enhance the space in a clever way.


1. False ceiling

The suspended ceiling is an idea excellent for balancing volumes wide. Thanks to the alternation of solids and voids, enhanced by LEDs hidden and spotlights recessed, you can create a very modern and suggestive play of light.

But the functional advantage is added to the aesthetic advantage: a well thought-out false ceiling can help also to hide a duct system air conditioning. In the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room you can enjoy a cool climate and do without the split of the air conditioner installed on the wall.


2. Mezzanine

The making of a mezzanine it is an idea to consider during the renovation. The division of the rooms with a mezzanine floor it is ideal in open spaces or lofts, because the mezzanine guarantees visual unity and avoids unnecessary waste of space.

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In fact, from the same environment you could obtain a large and modern living area, or you could decide to allocate the upper floor to the sleeping area. For a dynamic and modern effect take advantage of the light to your advantage, designing a mezzanine with a glass railing transparent.


3. Full wall bookcase

A bookcase with shelves and open shelves it is an effective way and cheap to enhance a large wall, without having to intervene on a structural level with the creation of a mezzanine or a false ceiling. Occupy a wall with one great library it will help create a visual focus that will distract attention from height.

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This ploy will serve a create visual discontinuity and to make the wall perceive as broken into two bands. However, if your dream has always been to have a full-wall bookcase, you can give yourself this luxury by taking advantage of the wall to the full extent possible.


4. Space for decorations

To reduce the height of the ceilings and enhance very large walls, nothing better than that resort to large canvases, or to compositions different from each other, with paintings, prints and photographs that fill some portions of the wall and offer the illusion of greater dynamism.

If the stylistic code of your furniture is marked by minimalism, you can also do without too many decorations, perhaps aiming only at a large vertical sculpture, ideal for imparting movement and to take your eyes off the empty wall.


5. Four seasons wardrobe

In the bedroom we suggest you to take advantage of the high ceiling by inserting a wardrobe six doors full-wall. Such a wardrobe allows you to have all the storage space you want, exploiting the height and width of the wall in a functional way.

Clothes, shoes, accessories and bedding: with a four seasons wardrobe you won’t need anything else to always keep everything in order. However, to avoid suffocating the space with a too bulky wardrobe, opt for modular solutions e alternate doors a open elements, ideal as a bookcase or storage compartments.


6. Large windows

Wherever possible, you can exploit the breadth of the wall to install a big window overlooking the city. Windows full height they are ideal in open spaces or lofts: if the house is rather small, light will be a decisive factor in creating an airy and comfortable environment.


7. Shelves and shelves placed at the top

To reduce the height of an overly generous ceiling give yourself a storage space more, with shelves and shelves placed on the wall at the top. You could reserve these spaces for objects that you use less frequently, or for plants that need little light. Instead, the walls large between communicating rooms they can be enhanced by the creation of small niches containment.


8. Suggestive lighting

The suggestive effect of a cascade of pendant lights creates an atmosphere of wonder in a high-ceilinged living room. The latest trends demand exposed electrical cables and light bulbs round posts at different heights: in this way you shorten the distance between the floor and the ceiling, exploiting the light effects in a scenographic way.


9. Plasterboard blocks

In open environments the lack of dividing walls makes it difficult to identify a well-defined furnishing scheme. However, if the ceiling is high, you can use plasterboard blocks to mark the space from above: define the spaces according to their function, creating a block subdivision of the different areas. Also the color helps to lower the level of the ceiling: choose it darker compared to the remaining walls.


10. Full length mirrors

To balance the spatial asymmetry in a narrow bedroom but from the high ceiling, resort to a large mirror full-length to lean on to the wall. In this way you will create an illusion optics of greater depth of the room, and more you will balance the distance between the ceiling e the floor with a well-defined focal point.


How to take advantage of high ceilings: images and photos

How to take advantage of high ceilings? Here is a gallery of images dedicated to the best solutions to balance the volumes of very high rooms. Browse them all and get inspired!


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