How to plan the kitchen remodel

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where you spend most of your time. In fact it is not only the place dedicated to the preparation of meals, but also the space where the family meets in moments of conviviality. But when is the time to renovate this domestic space? What do you need to know and do before renovating? Let’s find out everything you need to know together. Project, budget, style and trend.


There function of the kitchen has undergone a substantial change in the collective imagination over time. Indeed, from a simple service room, Yes is transformed in open space e new dimension of living. The divisions between the various rooms of the house and in particular between the kitchen and the living room have become less and less.

There kitchen opened to the living room and in this way has conquered even more importance in the definition of home spaces. Just think of the increasing spread of open space. For this reason, renovate the kitchen acquires more and more importance. The necessity of create a unique and harmonious environment pushes to renovate the kitchen.

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But when is it time to renovate your home kitchen? What are the operations to be carried out to proceed with the renovations? Here’s how to proceed.

When to renovate your home kitchen

The decor of a quality cuisine It can last on average, keeping in good condition, even more than 20 years. After this period it inevitably arises the need to restructure your own kitchen either to give a more fashionable look, both to have more advanced appliances, or more functional worktops.

For example, after a certain number of years, appliances can break or become obsolete. For this reason they should be replaced with more performing devices or ones that, for example, have lower consumption, or even more functions.

Also for regarding the top of the kitchen or the wall units may need to be replaced. For example with the passage of time they can wear out or we simply want more trendy furniture. In all these cases it is advisable to plan a renovation.


Designing the renovation

There password is own to design, because a renovation is not a simple operation, but on the contrary requires a precise and punctual planning, to avoid finding yourself living for several months on an open construction site.

If you have decided to renovate the kitchen, do a project of what you would like to achieve. You don’t have to be a professional, even a simple sketch with the indication of the parts to be changed is there definition of the new spaces. Alternatively you can also rely on a professional who will design the new spaces, reconciling your needs with professional aspects of reorganizing the spaces.

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A good solution would be also that of use a turnkey contract. Practically entrust the entire restructuring operation to a specialized company who will take care of every aspect. You simply have to choose the project you want and the company will carry it out for you.


Restyling or complete renovation

When it comes to restructuring it is good to specify that exist different degrees of restructuring, depending on the type of intervention that is carried out.

  • Restyling. For example, you may just want to give one refreshed to the environment, without necessarily having to carry out major changes.
  • Partial renovation. This is a renovation that renews the environment without making changes to the structure of the room.
  • Complete renovation. It is a more incisive intervention because it involves a total renovation of the kitchen. For example, action is taken replacing the floors, systems and connections to domestic users. In this case, for example, it is possible to knock down walls or foresee interventions that modify the structure of the room.


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Budget definition

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen it is essential establish a budget to invest. This aspect is by no means secondary, because depending on the amount available, you can make some choices. For example, if you have a limited budget better opt for a less invasive renovation. In this case you can decide to replace only the furniture elements, without necessarily having to make structural changes.

Self on the contrary, you have a substantial budget you can also bet to a restructuring that includes the refurbishment of the floors, the demolition of walls and the subsequent whitening.


Choice of the style of the new kitchen

At this point, after defining the work you want to carry out and establishing a budget, you can switch to choice of style you want to give to your new kitchen.

The style of your new kitchen It depends not only from your personal tastes, but also from your needs. Whatever the classic, modern, retro or urban style what’s important is that this makes you feel at home and be expression of your personality. Do not let yourself be carried away by the fashions of the moment because you could make choices that do not fully satisfy your needs and you would find yourself living in a space that you do not like.

In choice of the new kitchen the important is respect the so-called work triangle which includes the cooking area, the washing area and the worktop and pantry. These three areas must be optimally arranged to allow you to move easily between the various areas.

In general not for example place the refrigerator and oven close to each other. Or better to have a space of at least 60 centimeters between hob and washing.

As for the layout of the kitchen, depending on the space available you can choose between peninsula, central or linear island, with all the components arranged along the wall.


Trends 2021

Following the interior design trends 2021 the new kitchen opens up to the living area and becomes an integral part of it. Soft colors, innovative materials or eco-sustainable (wood, marble, stone, glass) characterize the functional and aesthetically appealing kitchens. The kitchen becomes a multifunctional space in which to live everyday life. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, take a look at the latest news.


Kitchen renovation: photos and images

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