how to furnish the balcony or terrace with 71 euros

Ikea provides a creative and economical solution to furnish your balcony or terrace with only 71 euros: we help you understand which elements to include in your project. The table and chairs, the shelves and the details to make your balcony perfect on a very small budget.


The beautiful season is now in the middle of its radiant days of sun and warmer and more relaxing temperatures e open spaces acquire all their importance. That you own a small balcony or a larger space, like a garden or a terrace, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to furnish it with all the comforts and the style that best suits your personality and your home.

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked, because most of one’s energy, when furnishing the house, is spent on decorating the interior and it is understandable.

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If, however, you have decided to equip your balcony or terrace with all the comforts which serve to transform it into a space where you can relax alone or in company and enjoy quiet or fun evenings with friends and family, but you don’t want to spend a fortune or you currently have no budget for this project then Ikea has come up with a simple solution for you, original, creative, design and absolutely economical.

A furnishing project including a table, a set of two chairs, some shelves to better organize everything you have on the balcony or to decorate with plants and other furnishing elements e a system of covers for outdoor use to complete the ensemble. All for only 71 euros. Let’s see specifically what are the items to buy to realize this very simple and economical project.


TÄRNÖ: garden table and 2 chairs

Let’s start with a fundamental element to make a balcony, however small, or a terrace comfortable and beautiful: the table. The one proposed by Ikea for this project belongs to the TÄRNÖ series, is foldable and made of acacia wood with steel structure that makes it particularly resistant, suitable for supporting different types of weight.

The special powder coating with semi-transparent mordant gives the TÄRNÖ table a weather resistant surface, in fact, this table is designed specifically for the outdoors and is also not recommended for indoor spaces. THEThe rustic design gives your balcony a natural look and welcoming, taking up very little space. Its measurements, in fact, are: length 55 cm, width 54 cm, height 70 cm. Maintenance is very simple: it can be washed with soap and water, dried with a cloth and it is always good to keep the surface dry.

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The two chairs are combined with the table of the same series, made with the same treatment that makes them suitable for outdoor spaces and resistant to atmospheric agents. Each chair has a measure of width 39 cm, depth 40 cm, height 79 cm, while the width of the seat is 39 cm, its depth is 28 cm and, finally, the height is 45 cm. The price of the entire table and two chairs set is 43 euros.


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Hyllis: outdoor shelf in two sizes

The second element of the Ikea project is the Hyllis outdoor shelving unit (which possibly can also be used for the interior) with dimensions of 60 x 27 x 74 cm. Made of very resistant metal, treated for be safely exposed to the elements, it is perfect, for example, to create a small green corner on your balcony or terrace.

The three resistant and solid shelves, despite the light and minimal appearance of the cabinet, can host plants and flowers, but also spices and a small home garden. You can also use it to display furnishing accessories and decorations to make your balcony unique and original. The price of Hyllis is 8 euros.


To complete the relaxation corner, Ikea suggests buying also the other shelf of the same Hyllis series, but in the dimensions of 60 x 27 x 140 cm, therefore of greater height, in order to give dynamism to the green corner e fill the space but so as not to suffocate it. The material in which it is made makes it this shelf also suitable for very humid environments, therefore it can possibly also be used for the cellar or in the closet. The price of the shelf is 11 euros.


Transparent outdoor lining in two sizes

The transparent Hyllis outdoor lining was thought of precisely to transform Hyllis open shelves into closed furniture, in order to protect them from dust or rain and other atmospheric agents. Ikea suggests, for this project, of choose them in the two sizes 60 x 27 x 74 cm and 60 x 27 x 140 cm so that they can cover the two shelves chosen earlier. The price of the two covers is respectively 4 and 5 euros.


Ikea furnish the balcony or terrace with 71 euros: images and photos

The Ikea proposal to furnish your balcony or terrace with only 71 euros is really tempting: table, set of two chairs and two shelves of different heights for a corner of your own outdoors. The project is completed by the outdoor covers to cover the shelves and protect them from dust and atmospheric agents. Let’s see in the gallery what are all the elements of the project.


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