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how to furnish in the 70s style

How to furnish the living room in the 70s style? From the choice of coverings, to the selection of Seventies-inspired furniture, to the identification of the most suitable patterns and colors for the living room. Here’s how to do it.

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It was the most controversial historical decade ever, yet the 70s continue to fascinate for that incredible desire for freedom and break with the patterns of the past.

Furnish the living room with the spirit of the fabulous Seventies it is not easy. Rather, it proves rather arduous, because not only fashion has changed, but also the way of living the living.

However, if you want to replicate this vintage trend in your home, you have it right in front of you an interesting challenge but not impossible to win. Your purpose Sara that of integrate some of the trends more characteristic of those years in a modern setting and functional.

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If you are wondering how to do it, we suggest it: here’s how to furnish your living room in the 70s style.

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The choice of coatings

In the 70s it wasn’t unusual dressing the house with bright colors and exuberant patterns. It must be considered that the fashions of the time proposed a real break with the past, characterized by rigorous geometries and neutral colors. In the 1960s, the first signs of change began to make their way, but it was only in the following decade that all this it will become the norm.

The wall and floor coverings conquer a central role in the furnishing of the living room, which takes on a different meaning from the past: no longer the classic exhibition lounge, but an environment to be experienced 365 days a year. In conclusion, the living room becomes the beating heart of the house, a place where you can watch television or where you can listen to vinyl music.


To furnish stay in the style of the 70s it means bringing some of that innovative atmosphere into the home, doing always be careful not to overdo it: never lose sight of the fact that we are no longer in the 70s!

Therefore, if you decide to adopt the coatings for the walls (optical wallpaper, wood, stone and brick panels) you will have to neutralize the effect too much with a more modern floor. The other way around, if you choose a floor covering (for example there carpet), you will have to bet on bright, single-color walls.

The parquet is the safest choice, but who wants it can also opt for a tiled floor in the style of the 70s. There marble grit it was one of the must-haves of the houses of the time, but if it’s not your thing you can also opt for one tile in maxi format, embellished by a geometric decoration with contrasting colors.

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Vintage sofas and armchairs

What type of sofa to choose for the 70s living room? On this point you really have carte blanche! There are infinite shapes and varieties, from those in leather and fluorescent colors, to the more classic ones with soft lines. Low back, rounded shapes is legless: the 70’s sofas rest directly on a large long-pile carpet, or with colorful optical patterns.

Also the armchairs have one wide and enveloping backrest, which continues in the line of the armrests and the concave seat. The Wink chaise longue by Cassina and the Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio marked the decade, but they are still today consider of the design icons.

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As for the materials you prefer leather, colored eco-leather fabrics but also velvet in dark tones, an ever-present trend. In the 1970s, plastic materials also appeared, such as fiberglass e the plexiglas. Choose them for the dining table chairs, or for the bubble chair on which you can let yourself be rocked comfortably.

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The must have furnishings

There are some furnishings that, by themselves, manage to recreate a vintage atmosphere, in full 70s style. These are typical furnishings of this era, furniture that entered the house in this decade, particularly prolific from the point of view of art and design.

Among the must furnishings have for the living room can not miss the coffee tables for the living room, in plastic or metal. Geometric shapes have top priority, but it’s not uncommon to find rather bizarre and unconventional shapes as well.

Immediately after are i low and linear wooden furniture solid, suitable for television and turntable. The open shelves, crammed with books and exposed vinyls, are a must in vintage furniture. Finally the string library, with bronzed metal structure and transparent shelves, often closed by shiny and colored doors.

The nice touch is the bar cabinet, placed in a clearly visible corner. Prefer it in dark wood, with lacquered surfaces and minimal doors, embellished with abstract and geometric contrasting motifs.

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Optical colors and patterns

In the style of the 70s the colors are decidedly protagonists of the living. The warm and lively colors they brighten the environment and make the atmosphere varied. Walls, fabrics and carpets do not know half measures: the most suitable shades are i earth colors, declined in a pop version.

The most daring combinations are to be reserved for the walls, in the use of wallpaper with repeated and colorful geometric motifs. Yellow, orange, brown and red are the most used colors, along with navy blue and to all the nuances of green.

To avoid weighing you down the environment, aims at enhance a single wall with an optical wallpaper, recalling the same type of decoration for the sofa cushions or for the carpet. Another fantasy very used is the jungle one – among other things, a fashion trend in recent times – which makes the walls bloom with exotic and colorful flowers, mixed with a jungle of intricate leaves.

For the remaining wallsinstead, it uses warm, bright colors, such as vanilla color or the creamy yellow. Even white is a winning choice: in combination with black it will give the environment a very refined vintage atmosphere.

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The right light

In an environment so rich in intense colors and daring combinations, light takes on a very important task. Give preference to a pendant lamp with various elements pendants, posts at different heights. Also very indicated the ceiling lights, ideal for low ceilings and not very wide.

For other light sources, opt for a classic one table lamp with fabric lampshade, or for an arched floor lamp, but with a chromed metal lampshade. The latter will be perfect to illuminate the reading corner, resulting decorative but discreet and essential.

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Living room of the 70s: images and photos

Take a look at the images in the gallery: here you will find many other ideas to furnish your living room in the 70s style!


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