How to embellish your home in an eclectic style in 7 steps

The eclectic style is a perfect mix of elements, shapes, colors, different materials that combine together in an original and harmonious way. Combinations that may appear risky, but if properly studied they will allow you to better express your personality. Find out how.


There password is to dare. The eclectic style in fact it is one mixture of different styles and furnishing elements. However, none are prevalent, but on the contrary they mix harmoniously. The result is a lively and colorful environment, which your guests will not be able to help but notice.

This style that is very widespread today in interior design sees its own origin in 800. In the fine arts and architecture it spread a sort of rebellion against the predominant classical style. The artists of that era they decided so to express themselves freely without constraints and without necessarily being locked up in one style rather than another.

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So, even today, just like then, the eclectic style is an expression of freedom, ability to dare mixing not only shapes, but also different colors, materials and styles. How to embellish your home in an eclectic style? In the following article we will give you some tips on how to mix, without making the mistake of creating a chaotic house. Find out how to do it in 7 steps.

1. To begin with soft colors

Before indulging in the search for objects or furnishing elements, start with the choice of soft colors. From here you can then build an interweaving of textures and shades which will give a captivating and pleasant aesthetic effect.

For example, you can be daring by painting a living room wall in a strong shade. Or by introducing a touch of lively color in the furniture elements. A colored sofa, or curtains, or cushions with shaded patterns. Repeat the same color or texture several times, maybe choosing different applications.

For example, no one forbids the creation of sofa cushions in the same shade or texture as the curtains, or a rug that recalls the shades of cushions or paintings on the walls.

in conclusion eclectic means mixing wisely what we believe to be the best of any style we like.

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2. Choose a favorite color

As we have seen previously, it is necessary to start from the light colors to which we will gradually mix stronger colors. However, the advice is to avoid inserting many different colors, but in reverse choose a favorite color that will predominate in every part of the environment that we want to embellish.

Let’s analyze, for example the picture following. Here the predominant color is blue, declined in its many shades and decorative textures. Armchairs in an intense blue match with cushions with shaded blue textures. The same goes for the carpet that expertly mixes the colors of the surrounding environment. In conclusion, a mix of great effect that your guests will not be able to help but notice.

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3. Mix ancient and modern

The eclectic style you allows you to mix antique furniture with modern style furnishings. Even if they belong to different eras or styles, there must be an element that binds them. For example it can be the material in which they are made, or colors, or shape. Otherwise, the risk is to give the impression of a bazaar-like environment, where objects or furnishings mix randomly.


4. Different shapes and styles

Soft and sinuous shapes they match perfectly with well-defined and sculpted lines. The trait-d’union can be represented for example, as mentioned above by the color, but also by the materials. The result is a welcoming and pleasant environment, but also expression of the host’s personality.


5. Create a green corner

Plants it is known that they occupy a central place in furnishing domestic spaces. Even in an eclectic style home, plants can not missis. The latter are in fact perfect for create a green corner. Combined perhaps with mirrors and shaded green textures, they create a green effect. obviously but be careful not to overdo it otherwise you might get a jungle effect.


6. Express your personality

If it is true that in all furnishing styles, our personal needs and individual tastes guide the choices we make, in the eclectic style this aspect is even more evident.

This style of furniture varied and original allows you to create unique environments that I am expression of the personality of those who live there. In fact, if you like make your home unique in an eclectic style you can for example insert items you have purchased on an exotic journey or far away. Or you can add photos or paintings that remind you of particular moments of the yours life.

In short, in addition to daring you can also push you into the extreme expression of your tastes and your personality. Don’t forget though give a harmonious and well-groomed appearance to your eclectic style decor. Otherwise the result will be a set of elements that even create disturbance and chaos in the observer.


7. Handmade items

In an eclectic style home they can find space also handmade objects. Furnishing elements made with passion and craftsmanship that can best express your way of being and living.


Beautify your home in an eclectic style: photos and images

The eclectic style represents a real revolution in the world of interior design. This multifaceted and exuberant style is perfect for those who want to express their personality in the furnishing of their home. Originality, creativity and uniqueness characterize an eclectic style house. Browse the gallery and find out how you can customize your home in an eclectic style too.


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