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Classic living room: how to choose the furniture for a unique, original, elegant furniture but respecting all the canons of the classic style? We will help you in this mini guide accompanied by many images and solutions for classic style living rooms: sofas, armchairs, sideboards, tables, chairs and, finally, the most suitable furnishing accessories.

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The classic style is an evergreen which has never stopped being loved and for several reasons, one of which, perhaps the main one, is comfort. The classic furnishing style, in fact, it is primarily based on comfort more complete, with very comfortable and soft sofas, soft carpets, pillows and everything you need to relax after a long day of work and tasks.

How is this comfort achieved in interior decoration? Elegant and refined shapes, fine fabrics and every space must be thought to the centimeter, because space and order are fundamental to convey peace and tranquility.

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The classic style gives the environment a familiar atmosphere and welcoming, warm, which over time will retain its charm without ever going out of fashion. And if we think of the living room, the heart of the house, the place where you receive guests and where you relax yourself, then you will understand how much it is essential to furnish it in order to enhance its comfort.

So let’s see how furnish a living room in a classic style, come on more traditional furniture to use, ai furnishing that match this look. At the bottom of the article, as usual, you will find a rich gallery of images with many classic living room solutions to which you can be inspired.


1. Be careful to respect symmetries

A self-respecting classic living room follows precise rules in terms of spaces and symmetries. When choosing furniture to furnish your traditional living room make sure the volumes are well balanced, choose furniture more or less the same height and depth, or choose different sizes but arranging them symmetrically in the room.

In the image we show you below, the two low pieces of furniture decorate the sides of the fireplace. On the walls above the furniture, we find one arrangement of perfectly symmetrical squares. The whole in this way is extremely orderly.

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2. The fireplace is a very important element

The oldest and most traditional living rooms they all had an essential element: a large and elegant fireplace. The fireplace is an element that immediately gives the room a classic atmosphere and traditional, so we recommend that you integrate it into your living room design. But in case you can’t, you can opt for fake, modern fireplaces, which reproduce the classic look and give the same atmosphere of yesteryear.

The fireplace creates a comfortable and familiar corner, very welcoming, especially if surrounded by very comfortable seats, as in the photo we show you below.

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3. Choose the wood to cover the walls

The wooden boiserie to cover the walls of your living room is an element that immediately it will give the environment that atmosphere of yesteryear, so fascinating and eternal. Choose dark colored wood panels, warm, if you want to get a soft and intense light.

Match the wood of the walls with furniture of the same color, for example a beautiful bookcase that seems to be one with the walls and add a Persian carpet, as in the image we show you below.


4. Use pastel colors to give brightness

The palette you choose is very important to use for your classic style living room, in this case we opted for the yellow e the pastel green, two light, delicate colors that enhance the romanticism of the flowers that decorate the living room and some beautiful gathered curtains.


5. Classic minimal living room in neutral tones

If you don’t particularly like colors or are you afraid that they will bore you, you can always focus on a neutral and minimal palette, which with the classic style is perfect. This way you can bet also on furniture with the most important look, which will be enhanced by the monochrome of the environment.


6. A small living room from the past

If your living room is not very spacious, do not worry, it is not only a question of large spaces, but also of knowing how to make them functional and tidy, as in the case of the image we show you below. Go for a corner with sofas, armchairs and a coffee table with classic lines and the living room atmosphere of yesteryear will be complete.


7. Libraries are essential

What a classic living room it would be without the beauty of so many books to decorate the walls, with their beautiful, maybe vintage backs? Also consider the presence of a full-height bookcase, maybe even in plasterboard as in the image we show you below: they integrate well and take up very little space, moreover help to make the environment welcoming and very warm.


Classic living room how to choose furniture: pictures and photos

How to choose furniture for a classic living room? We have given you 7 ideas to do it, following some very simple rules: symmetry, simplicity, natural materials, light colors, search for comfort, sofas with soft seats. Now take a look at our image gallery for many solutions that are sure to inspire you.


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