Furnishing your home with leather

Leather is born from an ancient artisan history and masterful workmanship. This material has been used for centuries to make garments or accessories. On the other hand, how to insert it into the furniture? Here are some tips for decorating your home with leather.


Leather is a material that has been used since the dawn of time. Resistant, versatile, it finds a field of application in many areas, from the clothing industry up to the creation of furnishing elements. And it is precisely on the latter area that we want to focus, going to sift through all the most particular elements made of leather and that they will be perfect for decorating your home. Let’s find out one by one.

What is leather

The leather is the material that it is obtained from the skin of animal origin. The leather is processed and made durable over time and resistant to wear.

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The leather has innumerable qualities. The main ones are:

  • High resistance
  • Hygiene
  • Property antifungal and anti-mold
  • Property thermal insulation.

The feeling it causes the leather to the touch and also its fragrance are very pleasant, this certainly makes it an inimitable material. Despite this, there are many valid alternatives to leather that do not involve the use of animal hides, such as eco-leather.

Let’s see how to insert leather objects to give life to a decor space.

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Leather object holder

The first item we present to you is a very versatile leather object holder. From a craftsmanship and of great effect and simplicity, it is born an object that can be used in the home for various purposes. Its natural color and so identifying, makes it suitable for many different genres and styles of furniture. This color, in fact, helps to provide the environment with the tip of warmth that even very minimal and essential homes need.

The shape, on the other hand, causes this container can be used as an empty pocket, but also as a saucer or as containers to be displayed on shelves or on the library. The idea is to arrange various leather containers of various sizes, one next to the other.

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Leather decorations for the home

The leather has the strength to create at home a typically exotic atmosphere. They are in leather, in fact, most of the objects that come from the tradition of many cultures and peoples. These are commemorative objects, inspired by the animal or cult world, but also design objects and musical instruments, such as the famous African drums. Among all the statues to hang stand out, faces of animals or ancient divinities who make leather the main element with which they are made.

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An example above all is the classic silhouette of a bovine, a symbol of good luck, to hang in the salon, for example.

furnishing-home-with-leather 3

Useful items in leather

Leather is not just an ornamental material, but with it many useful and everyday objects can be made. For example a very scenic and fascinating tray, but also resistant.

Most of the leather objects for the home are handmade, in artisan workshops and this makes them even more coveted and precious.


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Leather combined with other materials

Leather can be used to decorate the home also in excellent combinations with other materials. An example is the vase-holder composition made of wood and leather. The combination of natural colors, the strength of materials from the world of nature, the simplicity and the country look transform simple pieces of leather and wood into an object of great effect.

If you are passionate about the world of do-it-yourself, you can try to try your hand at creating one of these objects, using a few pieces of wood, a few nails and scraps of leather, easily available in haberdashery and leather shops. To top it all off, all you need is an old glass jar to recycle and a plant to display.


Headboard in leather

From small items, let’s move on to more important furnishing elements. As in the case of this headboard, soft and beautiful, perfect to be inserted in a furniture inspired by the industrial style. The perfect matches with leather are with dark colors, black, gray and with metal elements.

Here, thanks to the leather, a young and avant-garde environment, and of great aesthetic strength, is created.


Leather chair

In addition to its resistance, pleasant tactile sensation and its unmistakable smell, leather is famous for being a soft material. For this reason it becomes perfect for making comfortable chairs inspired by the country world. The natural color of the interposed leather marvels in a clean, white and woody environment.

The peculiarity of leather is to become even more beautiful with the passage of time, when it acquires greater softness and a slightly darker color, witness of intense use. This chair has a great character and a strong decorative strength, as well as being comfortable and practical.


Furnishing your home with leather: photos and images

A material that has always been used for different purposes, from the production of shoes and clothes, up to pieces of furniture and everyday use. Here is our photo gallery dedicated to leather furniture pieces.


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