Furnish an attic at a low cost

Furnishing an attic on a budget? Yes, you just need to be creative and original. For example, DIY, as well as creative recycling, can be a good solution. However, a selection of furniture is also necessary. Here are all the tips!


There attic is one space that can be exploited in many different ways. Furnish it on a budget, it is much more simple than you might think. Indeed, that’s enough only to organize well i spaces available, be creative and think about of the solutions practices. But let’s see everything in detail.


Organize spaces well

The first thing to do when furnishing an attic is to evaluate carefully how much space you have available. At this point, it is crucial understand how you want to exploit it.

In fact, the attic can be organized in many different ways. For example, it can be a kitchen, a bedroom, a study or even a living room. It all depends on our needs.

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If we need to make different environments, a very economical way to divide the spaces is that of use a separé. It will also act as a decoration.

Anyway, to plan in advance how to organize the spaces available, it is very important if we want to spend little. Indeed, this way we will understand exactly thing there serves and we will not buy more things than necessary.

Often, for example, we get caught up in the desire to fill every available centimeter, but in reality to furnish well a room is important there is a balance between full spaces e spaces empty.

Choose few but functional furniture

Wanting to furnish an attic at a low cost also means having to to do a furniture selection to buy. The best solution in this case is choose a few pieces of furniture, but functional.

In this minimal style can teach us. In fact, its philosophy is to choose only the truly necessary and practical furniture. In short, less is more.

For example the furniture that transforms are very useful as they allow us to have two furnishings in one. So, don’t hesitate to to choose a bed that becomes a wardrobe or a desk. Also a sofa bed or a template container they are a good idea.

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Another money-saving trick is to focus on a small kitchen with a peninsula. This way you won’t have to furnish also there area of ​​the Lunchroom, but you can use the counters to eat.


Use vintage furniture

A very simple way to furnish an attic on a budget is to try to save on furniture. We are not talking about buying cheap furniture, also because it may be of poor quality.

Our advice is instead that of bet on gods vintage furniture. Self, for example, found in the basement some piece of furniture of your parents who had been put aside, you could make use of it.

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If you decide to furnish the attic in a vintage style, you can take it as it is. If, on the other hand, you prefer a different style, the ideal solution is modernize it a bit. For example, paint it with new colors or add some decoration.


Embellish the attic with alternative decorations

We must always remember that when decorating any room, it is not enough to choose the right furniture, but you must also complete everything with accessories. To save money, the ideal solution is to focus on DIY and create the various by hand ornaments.

For example, the walls they cannot be left bare, but they must be embellished somehow. Generally paintings are hung. A nice idea, however, could also be that of to achieve hand a beautiful drawing.

If you are not particularly good, you can choose a much simpler solution, namely that of to decorate a wall with handprint of the whole family. In this way, you will also involve the little ones.

Then, there will certainly be a need to display some ornaments. Many things can be created by hand, such as a centerpiece, of objects facts crochet or gods decorative jars made from recycled materials. In short, you just need to be creative.


How to light up an attic

Finally, one last thing necessary to pay attention to when furnishing an attic it is enlightenment. In fact, you must always consider if there are windows and where they are located.

We definitely want our attic to be bright, so we must try to to filter as much as possible natural light. For this, avoid to put furniture in front of the windows is you choose of the tendon to read that are not too dark.

Inevitably, however, there will also be a need for artificial light. In this case we recommend the leds. These, in fact, are the ones who consume less and allow us to save on the bill.

Furthermore, the led strips you can put them almost anywhere, then if there are of the areas particularly dark, they are the ideal solution.


Furnishing an attic on a budget: images and photos

In the following gallery we show you different solutions to furnish an attic at a low cost. Do not hesitate to take a look at the photos for ideas!


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