Furnish a two-room apartment in an ethnic style

The ethnic style, explosive, unique and very characteristic, arrives and conquers and is the perfect style to furnish a two-room apartment and transform it into a warm and welcoming nest. Let’s find out how.


With the terminology “ethnic style“We indicate, literally, which refers to a particular ethnic group, a people then. This term born from the fusion and coexistence of many memories travel, take with you from distant places. Unique, handcrafted artifacts, characteristic of some areas of the world. In particular, this style refers to the furnishing tradition of the Indian peoples and also of South America and should not be confused with the oriental style, typical, instead, of Asian places.

The ethnic style is immediately associated with the abundance of colors, particular and traditional decorative elements, of rich and precious fabrics and of the most disparate materials. If you want to furnish your two-room apartment following this style, you can take advantage of many advantages, take advantage of the skillful game of combining the elements together and make your nest warm and welcoming. We reveal all the secrets to you to furnish the two-room apartment in perfect ethnic style.

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The colors of the ethnic ethnic style

Before starting to furnish your two-room apartment, imprinting the architecture on the ethnic style, it is good to have clear in mind which colors are suitable to choose and to be combined with each other.

No doubt, the colors allowed are many, lively and anything but simple. The palette of neutral and basic colors leaves room for a much more whimsical and cheerful one.

The basic colors to choose are, of course, orange, yellow, fuchsia and blue. It is precisely the combination and contrast given by the combination of these main nuances that create a perfect ethnic base.

In addition to those mentioned, blue, green in all its shades and red cannot be missing. The real peculiarity lies in combining all these colors with each other on every single piece of furniture, from the curtains, to the carpets, passing through the color on the walls, paintings and furniture.

Enter a two-room apartment furnished with ethnic-style colors, means to access a space where an explosion of colors has just happened.


Unmissable elements in the ethnic style

We have seen how the abundance and richness of colors, in the ethnic style, certainly does not go unnoticed. In addition to this fixed point, the ethnic style also requires other essential elements, that can be inserted in your two-room apartment and make it impeccable. The first element are plants. We recommend that you adopt suspended solutions to make the most of the space.

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The second element that absolutely must be flaunted in the ethnic two-room apartment are trinkets and figurines, trophies and souvenirs from around the world. It is precisely the magic insisting inside these objects that makes the environment authentic and true.

The third tip is to give ample space to soft and warm lights: a low lamp, a bedside lamp or suspended lights are the key to creating the right atmosphere.


Space-saving ideas in ethnic style

Alternative sofas

A two-room apartment is certainly not famous for adults and airy spaces. However, even in small spaces it is possible to make the most of it, using some tricks and tricks in ethnic style.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

The our first Advice is that of take advantage of the style of ethnic decorative and architectural elements, to compensate for the lack of large spaces, For example exploit a corner of the house, using large carpets is cushions, to create a relaxation and conversation area. In the absence of space to arrange a sofa or an armchair, this solution is effective and clever.

Above all, in case you need space for something else, you can store the cushions easily and transform the intended use of that corner.


Niches in ethnic style

Typical of this style are the wall niches, compartments obtained from the cavities in the walls and useful to make the most of the space for storing objects or other.

The two-room apartment can greatly benefit from the skilful use of niches, allowing you to create space for a desk, a folding table or extra wardrobes and sideboards.


Use of textiles in the ethnic style

The use of fabrics in the ethnic style is really fundamental. The colors and the draperies move softly on the sofas, in the tapestries hanging on the wall and even in the carpets, almost always enriched by important colored and cotton tassels.

You can take advantage of the extreme use of textiles, going to create divisions in the two-room apartment to obtain extra space or to ensure greater privacy and confidentiality between one room and another, when there is no wall structure or door. Play with curtains and colors, to give the effect of having built a house inspired by the most beautiful buildings typical of this style.

Furnish a two-room apartment in an ethnic style

Furnishing an ethnic style two-room apartment: photos and images

Color, joy, happiness and tradition mix together to give life to a two-room apartment furnished in an ethnic style. We decided to collect some images to be inspired in the creation of a furniture in this style. Enjoy our photo gallery.


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