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Luxurious and opulent, black marble is the perfect cladding for the fireplace and kitchen top but is also a great idea for the floor or for an impressive wall. Here are the most beautiful ideas to enhance your home with a black marble decor.


It is not for everyone and, for this very reason, it continues to exert its incredible charm. The black marble, that is for coatings of certain furnishing elements (from the fireplace to the kitchen hood) or for the floor, is one of the most loved and requested in the furniture and interior design sector.

There are several types, which are distinguished from each other by the veins on the surface, and there are many styles of furniture to which it is possible to combine it. Despite its versatility, however, black marble it is particularly suitable for a modern or contemporary setting.

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The ideal is to insert it in a refined and at times luxurious living and furnishing context, extremely elegant and with attention to detail. Let’s find out together, at this point, which are the most popular types of black marble is many inspirational ideas for every room in the house, from the living area to the sleeping area.


Black marble: the most popular varieties

From shiny and shiny to matte, black marble is often chosen by those who want to include marble in their home furnishings. Thanks to its undeniable charm and its great versatility. Exist, indeed, many types of black marble, perfect for different furnishing styles and for different needs.

Belgium Black is an absolute black color, has a uniform and super dark background. Another type of marble in total black is the Black Lakis, while for those who love the grain we suggest Nero Marquinia and Nero Portoro.

Nero Marquinia has diagonal veins in light gray and white while the Nero Portoro, among the finest, shows gold veins.


Black marble in the kitchen

Let’s start with the kitchen, one of the rooms in the house that best matches the black marble. Often you choose dark marble for only one part of the kitchen, from the black marble kitchen top to the island.

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There are also those who choose it as a cover for the hood or for the floor. This option is especially worth considering for a kitchen with white walls and minimal furniture.

About that, the kitchen in marble and dark wood it’s perfect for those who want to recreate a linear atmosphere, modern and magnetic.


Black marble in the living room

The black marble floor was a big trend in the 1970s and it is, still today, a certainty among the admirers of dark colored furniture. If the Seventies vibes don’t convince you, combine the black marble floor with a contemporary style living room.

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Choose a low design coffee table, lamps with an essential metal structure and a nice leather sofa. Match with the black floor white or neutral colored walls like gray and dove gray.

The black marble floor is not for you but you still want to insert the black marble in the living room? Do it in small touches. Choose for example a coffee table in black marble or use dark marble for the fireplace cladding.


Black marble in the bedroom

A risky choice, but of impact. Black marble can be used also to furnish the bedroom, but it is better not to overdo it, especially if the room is not very large.

Avoid black marble for the floor in the sleeping area, better opt for furnishing accessories in this material, like a coffee table for example.

Another idea which is guessed right and does not burden the environment too much is that of a black marble wall behind the bed. To rebalance the environment, leave the other walls blank and prefer textile elements such as curtains, carpets or light colored linens.


Black marble in the bathroom

The marble it is often used for bathroom furniture and black marble is no exception. Also in this case the combinations to choose from are many. The bathroom in black and white marble, for example, it is perfect for a minimal chic home: the dichotomy between black and white is always of great elegance. The bathroom in black and gold marbleinstead, it is ideal for a more luxury atmosphere: combine damask curtains and choose soft lighting to enhance it to the fullest.

Black marble in the bathroom lends itself to multiple possibilities. You can use it as a wall or floor covering, but also for a bathtub or a walk-in shower that they become the focus of the entire room.

These are, of course, ideas for a modern or contemporary bathroom. Black marble acquires a more classic and traditional allure, however, if the bathroom is furnished in wood.


Black marble coverings and ideas: images and photos

Black marble is a very trendy choice. If you found our advice useful, take a look at the gallery below: you will discover many ideas for images to inspire you for home decor.


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