Best colors for the ethnic style living room

Ethnic style in the living room: how to enhance it with colors, what combinations to create, and what materials can revive it.


Choosing the ethnic style for your stay means embarking on a new journey. Indeed, this decor is a holiday among the memories of our past adventures, with souvenirs and decorations from faraway places.

However, it is not enough to collect the memories of our travels to create a perfect ethnic style living room. On the contrary, we will also have to take care of the details: there are ideal colors to enhance the environment. You just need to know which ones! Then, let’s go and discover them!


Yellow for living room walls

To achieve a warm and welcoming living room, yellow is the ideal color. In fact, without having to be too cautious in its use, we paint the walls of an ocher yellow, a very balanced and courageous color. But not too flashy or annoying!

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Since the ethnic style is a swirl of colors, thanks to the neutrality of yellow as the background, we can create a colorful environment. For example, we buy a orange carpet, purple and green, with geometric patterns and drawings. Then, the same colors will be resumed for the pillows of the sofa.

In addition, red. In fact, this color is particularly versatile and combined with yellow will recall the fiery sunsets on the African expanses. For example, we buy a red coffee table to put next to the sofa. Or, gods paintings where the red tint abounds.


Green for living room walls

We bet everything on hope! To create a jovial environment, we use the green to paint the walls of the our living room in ethnic style. For example, if ours is an open space, with the living room overlooking other rooms, such as the kitchen or dining room, we use two tints of different green to distinguish different environments. Fern green and emerald green would do just fine.

Particularly in the living room, the emerald green will add value to the ethnic style. Thus, the rest of the colors will be quite lively but always very warm, like a red for the pillows of the sofa. In addition, we can opt also for a candid rosellino for the coffee tables e the central carpet.

Finally, to underline the presence of this natural color, off at plants! Let yourself be enchanted by their intoxicating scents and their green shades.


Purple for living room in ethnic style

Take a clear and brilliant position with the Violet. In fact, this shade is very vigorous and will give you a unique and unmissable atmosphere. As reminiscent of the Arabian decor, choose to ride the wave with elements that can recall it. For example, choose a light source candlestick with many arms. Plus, buy a small table made of bamboo. Finally, decorate the ceiling with the geometric details carved in wood.

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Then, for the walls is the ceiling employed the same colour, as a indigo of Persia or amethyst, lighter shade but very relaxing. Instead, for fabrics such as i sofa cover oi pillows, we opt for less demanding colors, such as wisteria or the lavender. Finally, the sangria or cherry colored central carpet.

In order to make the environment richer, find a equilibrium with purple using gold. For example, for the picture frames to hang in the living room, or for the statues used as decorative elements.


Blue for ethnic style living room

Blue is a light color, what can be ideal for an ethnic stay which is inspired by oriental, airy and spacious environments. Indeed, its innumerable shades create a rich and precious setting.

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For example, after having mounted the parquet, We can cover it with a nice blue and white carpet. Later, too the pillows will follow the same combination of colors. In addition, i sofas they will be whites. Instead, one armchair Sara completely blue, choosing a sophisticated shade such as ultramarine or navy blue.

Finally, a wooden coffee table, handmade. In particular, we choose a wood dark, how for example iroko, which is very resistant, or the wenge, precious and tending to black. In the end, the result of these combinations will be a harmonious and welcoming stay.


White for ethnic style living room

Being a versatile color, white will add unmatched value to any style we choose. As for the ethnic style, self matched with brown, creates a living room particularly elegant.

For example, after mounting a white porcelain stoneware with large and translucent tiles as flooring, we place in the center of the room a brown carpet short-haired. Then, i sofas they will be a not too bright white, like a White smoke or antique white. The bookcase and the console will also be of the same color. There main wall, usually that of the TV, it will be white and gray, recalling a rough stone effect. Then, the other details will be brown.

In fact, to be on the safe side, we buy furnishing elements in bamboo or rattan. In this way, the brown color in all its facets will immediately stand out in the eyes.


Best colors for the living room in ethnic style: pictures and photos

And here we are at the end of this lively and colorful journey. But do you want to have some more ideas? So, take a look at the gallery of images: you can find many new photos for your ethnic style living room.


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