Bedroom in the style of the 80s

Eclectic, colorful and irreverent. The 80s were like this and it won’t be difficult to reproduce these features in your bedroom. Find how.


The years go by and fashions reappear on a cyclical basis. From catwalks to interior design, every trend is destined to return after some time, most of the time enriching itself with new elements and mixes.

In interior design there are two styles that are often defined as timeless: the classic and the modern. Alongside these, fashions of the last century and novelties alternate. Particularly in vogue at the moment is the 80s style.

The Eighties, the English name by which this time frame is equally known, have been iconic from many points of view and in all forms of art, from music to design. This period, at the end of the last century, has been defined as the decade of excesses in the interior design sector characterized by the use of strong colors, eccentric furnishing accessories and particular combinations of materials never seen before.

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To furnish your apartment inspired by the 80s, it is necessary to have a good dose of extravagance combined with good taste: with all this mix of colors and materials the jumble effect is just around the corner. This argument is even more valid in the choice of furniture and decorations in a bedroom, where the priority must be to preserve a situation of calm and relaxation that facilitates rest.

Find out how to do it and also why not do what you will see in the next photo.


Features of the 80s style

The peculiarity that most distinguishes the trend we are talking about is the color block. It is a way of match each other colors already in itself a lot strong increasing the contrast with clean cuts and without any nuance. The most common shades were fuchsia, yellow, green and blue, sometimes even in their fluorescent variant.

To complete the whole, decorations in geometric motifs and animal prints especially in fabrics and furnishing accessories. Optical abstractionism was often sought nand coatings, both on the floors and on the walls, often with the help of wallpaper also in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The latter was not necessarily applied to the entire wall, but also only in certain areas to emphasize the presence of niches or pillars.

Also in the choice of materials a marked contrast was deliberately sought, which is why not infrequently opaque elements were juxtaposed like wood to much shinier pieces of furniture made of plexiglass or PVC. The same goes for the combination of glass and metal partitions.

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Regarding the furniture, these they were characterized by sinuous lines and ovoid shapes: chest of drawers and cupboards with curved edges, low tables and oval mirrors. The real must have was the leather sofa, if possible positioned in the center of the room as a true protagonist of the whole environment.

Finally, the introduction of the concept of open space dates back to the 1980s. The creation of a unique space between living room and kitchen comes from the idea of ​​creating a large comfortable and functional environment to have everything at hand.


How to furnish your bedroom

To decline the 80s style in the most intimate room of your home, that is in the bedroom it will be necessary to find a meeting point between eccentricity and the need for rest.

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Let’s start with lighting. The definition of the light points is a key element in any project, but it is particularly so in an environment furnished in the style of the 80s. Contrary to what one might think, a diffused ambient light, in shades of pink or red, is preferred. This will by its nature be very suitable for a bedroom.

In combination, to create accent lighting in certain strategic points, place small neon lamps perhaps with some decorative writing (a fanciful suggestion in the final gallery).

As we have already said, the accessories of character are really inevitable. You could opt for an animalier bedspread or a carpet with a geometric pattern… But also for both! The beauty of this style is that there are no limits to unusual combinations, as long as a certain compositional and chromatic harmony is always respected.

Yet, decorate the walls with wallpaper, even better if depicting exotic and wild natural landscapes. Alternatively, place brightly colored prints and paintings here and there. Remember that the important thing is to create an environment that invites the refreshment of mind and body, so it must be as personalized as possible.

Do not miss the final photo gallery, you will also find some examples of bedroom furnished to faithfully reproduce the infamous Eighties.

bedroom-80-5 years

Bedroom in the style of the 80s: pictures and photos

Many ideas and ideas to follow for a bedroom in perfect Eighties style, but capable of being welcoming and not excessive.


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