Beautify your home with hanging decorations

Would you like to decorate your home using some particular, original and impressive idea? The solution lies in the hanging decorations. To buy or do it yourself, here is a roundup of proposals about the most beautiful hanging decorations ever.


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Sometimes it’s the little things a do a big difference in style and decor of your home. One of the details to focus attention on and to give an opportunity to are the suspended decorations. It involves several solutions, which embrace various styles, to be inserted in any corner of the house.

Indoor spaces, outdoor spaces or disused corners take on a touch of originality thanks to these decorations. Let’s see in detail which ones to choose, how to combine them or what to do to make them yourself.


Pots and plants in suspension

In all the houses there are gods spaces, inside or outside the house, they are small and unused and difficult to match. One solution is to hang plants through gods supports or hooks special. Plants are a decorative element suitable for all environments, they give warmth and vitality to the house.

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Whether you are tending to real plants, colorful flowers or fake and decorative plants, try to suspend them thanks to the cord. It is a solution that allows you to carry out all the practices for the care of plants easily. can set up your terrace with this system or the balcony.


Suspended decorations in macrame

The macrame is an ancient art that consists inweave with nautical knots of the thread or rope. With this technique you can create real works of art, articulated and beautiful projects, of great effect. This is the perfect technique to make hanging decorations for your home.

Romantic dream catchers, hanging pot holders, decorations with wood and rope: indulge your imagination and creativity and draw inspiration from the hundreds of proposals and guides available online. Creating your macrame hanging decorations will be fun and rewarding.

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The suspended lanterns

To create at the same time as the hanging decorations for the home e of romantic points of light and refined the solution is the lanterns. These are small gems, inspired by the style of old lanterns, in metal or other materials, equipped with glass and shapes through which the light passes.

The lanterns aregenerally available both with the version with candles and electric. The ideal place to place hanging lanterns is near windows and balconies.

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Glass spheres and jars as hanging decorations

If you want to try your hand at a creative hobby and some DIY techniques, what better excuse than that of to achieve unique and nice hanging decorations? Our proposal is to give life to decorations using few elements and easily available. You will have to arm yourself with a few glass jars, in different shapes and sizes, of the candles he was born in drawstring often.

The procedure is very easy and consists in fastening the cord firmly to the neck of the jar, making several turns and fixing it with the rope. With the same cord you will also need to make the hook needed to hang your object. Insert candles inside the jar And that’s it. Our suggestion is to arrange the jars next to each other, arranged at different heights, to create a beautiful composition.

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Hanging decorations: origami

From the far east comes another handiwork: origami. These are the famous paper sculptures, made with paper valuable and without the use of glue or binders. Origami starts from being easy shapes and subjects and simple, up to very complex sculptures, which require great manual skills and ingenuity.

If you like the idea of ​​decorating your home with elegant, sober shapes that contain oriental art and folklore within them, then you can opt for the realization of some form simpler, with which to practice. Origami can be made in any format and they are perfect for living room and bedroom decoration. A suspended paper dream for all romantics.

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A mix of hanging decorations

For a modern home, before superstructures and schemes, for a house that seeks stimuli in every detail and where it is possible to fit perfectly a mix of compositions here are the perfect ones hanging decorations. It is a set of objects or elements, from books to cotton nets, passing through larger details such as cushions. Everything lends itself to become a suspended decoration.

This is an alternative way, which goes beyond the classic models, to furnish a space. Decorating a room with many suspended objects means that everything becomes light and contributes to making the environment pleasant and welcoming. So green light to the imagination and play with the elements, for a really wow home.


Hanging decorations to embellish your home: photos and images

Here is the photo gallery dedicated to the most beautiful and original hanging decorations for your home. Style and simplicity, but also creative flair and art to decorate your home in an original and never predictable way.


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