Bathtub with shower combination: what they are, tips, ideas

Joining the tub and the shower is a very practical space-saving solution, nowadays of design and not only for people of advanced age. Discover tips and ideas now.


As you can easily guess from the name, the bathroom furniture we will discuss is a cross between a tub and a shower enclosure, indeed in a sense it is the enhanced version of both. In fact, what looks like a normal bathtub to which a splash guard has been added can turn out to be a full-fledged home SPA.

The tub with shower combination is a solution nowadays very widespread not only among those who have movement difficulties, just think of the elderly and disabled, but also in the bathrooms in which if you like combining the practicality of a shower with the convenience of a bathtub in a small space.

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There are several models on the market, the main difference is the closure. What distinguishes a bathtub combined with a re-adapted bathtub is in fact the entrance, in the first case easy and low, in the second often less comfortable. The best known brands are Teuco, a brand of the Guzzini group, Jacuzzi, the famous manufacturer of whirlpools (yes, even the combined ones can be) and Grohe, a German company known for its sober and minimalist design. For a combined pool with partial closure, it starts from € 800.00 and can even exceed € 1,500.00; for a total or hermetic closure it goes well beyond € 2,000.00.

Here because let’s talk about a choice maybe not suitable for everyone, but definitely of design. Coverings and the choice of materials also contribute to this. If the best shower enclosure is glass, you can also choose PVC folding doors to save a little.

There is certainly a saving in terms of space. Where the bathroom is particularly small and you don’t want to give up the comfort of a hot bath at the end of a hard day’s work, the tub with shower combination is undoubtedly the best solution. To begin to realize what we are going to talk about, take a look at the following photo in which a niche has been created specifically to accommodate a small bathtub with attached shower column.

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Bathtub with shower combination: what they are, tips, ideas

A SPA directly to your home

As we mentioned, the bathtub with integrated shower is a choice of furniture and not the fallback that everyone thinks. IS’ the most suitable expedient to have a real SPA at home yours.

Let’s start first with the coverings: playing with the colors of the tiles, with the materials and perhaps adding a shower enclosure with screen-printed glass, you will feel in the best wellness center in the city.

The top of the range in this sense are the whirlpools or those equipped with water jets and other options. The most technological versions they also have a control system with LCD screen, integrated waterproof speaker and lighting solutions for chromotherapy.

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It is scientifically proven that to combine physical and mental well-being, it is appropriate to relax the body and mind with background music and restful colors such as blue, green and purple.

In the photo below, the shower column is also equipped with soap shelves and steam shower heads that will allow you to also take a sauna. The ultimate in luxury in a small space!


How to modify your existing tank

If, on the other hand, you already have a bathtub and at the end of this article you feel like turning it into a system with an integrated shower, don’t worry, the transformation is quite simple.

First of all it will be necessary to add a front panel or a splash guard, which may be fixed or mobile. It is also possible to create a real shower enclosure: in this case more than one panel will be needed and they will be fixed on both side walls. Obviously, a door will be needed.

The cabin can be opened with hinged, folding or sliding doors. In all cases, the possible choices are different, glass is not mandatory. Indeed, if the tub / shower is also used by children or the elderly, a less delicate and in some ways dangerous material is recommended.

For a refurbished bathtub, the shape does not have to be linear. In the image at the end of the paragraph a version in which the bathtub has a recess that lends itself perfectly to the installation of a shower with a circular walk-in. The play of colors between black and white, then, contributes to the design research that we have widely talked about.

Finally, the ideal would be to replace the mixer with a multifunctional column with arm and shower head, but even this is not mandatory. Self for any reason you don’t want to or you can’t change the existing taps, it will be enough to modify it by connecting a rod to be fixed to the wall.


Bathtub with shower combination: pictures and photos

Many images for as many ideas and advice. Imagine your dream bathroom and design your new combo shower tub.


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