American style one bedroom apartment

American style: how to furnish the two-room apartment with this design. How to divide spaces. In addition, which characteristic elements to prefer. And which genre to choose.


The American style is just like the culture of the States. In other words, a mixture of different elements, details, genres and cultures. Therefore, we need to explore the different influences that make the American style so dynamic and interesting. And only then can we decide what it does for us.

In fact, taking a cue from the various categories of the American style, you can find one suitable solution for any need. But the result will be the same: a two-room apartment with an impeccable and sophisticated taste.


Two-room American vintage furniture

In fact, when it comes to American style, one cannot but think of the furnishings of the bars of the 50s and 60s. And it was right there, where the colors of the chairs and the timeless jukebox glittered, that the magic took shape!

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Then, to furnish our two-room apartment, we must take borrowed some elements from vintage American bars, copying the colors and the overall design. So, starting from the kitchen of the two-room apartment, let’s choose the classic and fun ones as flooring floor tiles black and white. Instead, in the center, we arrange a nice red square coffee table flaming, together with the chairs of the same shade.

As we have to balance these sparkling colors, the rest of the furniture is of domestic appliances will be of neutral colors, as the White or the green or L’light blue pastel. And, of course, a fabulous one low white fridge and capacious.

Instead, if we want to go a little further in the years, we can get to the 70s. IS to take all the ideas best! For example, in the living area, after painting the walls of a simple cream color, we buy a sofa in fabric White. In fact, they will be the pillows to give that vintage touch, with colors like Violet or the blue. Then, we complement the vintage decor with a pair of armchairs in leather or velvet.

Finally, as regards the colors of decorations, various elements and objects, we can choose between yellow, orange and red. But also sparkling blue and purple. And you will be ready to go wild with 70s music in the background!


Two-room modern American furniture

Now, let’s get carried away by the positive and energetic vibes of the most modern American style. Without, of course, exaggerating with simplicity, the two-room apartment in modern american style will take its cue from a minimalist and fresh decor.

For example, in the living area, in a corner, we put the corner sofa in fabric. Indeed, this element is typical of the American style, which favors comfort. Then, let’s enrich it with pillows with various designs and geometries, colored with light colors, not too flashy. Finally, we decorate the sofa wall with squares and pop writings, like good vibes or some classic movie poster.

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Since a two-room apartment may lack a study corner, which is always essential, we buy a small one white coffee table living room wood. Then, we’ll match it with one chair yellow, to revive the environment and give a little decision to the look of the living room. In the end, if we want to distinguish between there living area e there kitchen, let’s put a library in the middle of the two environments. Finally, one ground lamp to illuminate the environment. And the game will be done!


American industrial style one bedroom apartment

But how can we not talk about the influence of industrial style within the American style? In fact, moving to the lofts on the ocean coasts, this choice of furniture it is a mix of dark colors, as the red dark, the Grey or the black And, also, of poorly worked materials with a dirty effect, such as wood, the iron and the brick.

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In particular, in a two-room apartment, it will appear as a breath of freshness, giving the environment a fascinating and particular look. For example, starting from the kitchen, we mount the parquet Wood black or dark brown. Instead, as regards the walls, we leave the bricks visible. Then, shelves, racks, pantries and doors, all completely Wood.

Finally, the table Sara in iron and marble, maybe painted yellow but with an aged effect. And, to add color, blue iron chairs. And here is the splendid kitchen of your two-room apartment!


American liberty style two-room apartment

And what about curves elegant and precious materialsthe? So, you want a one bedroom apartment in American / liberty style! In fact, it is a highly sought after genre, which combines sophistication with the functionality of the environments. In fact, the high-ranking result will amaze you!

So, let’s start with a floor with a neutral tint. In addition, we use materials such as carpet or the parquet, but always in light colors. Or, if you are feeling particularly brave, opt for one marble floor. Then, the rest of the furniture will give a further luxurious patina to the two-room apartment. For example, let’s choose i velvety fabrics or in linen, with colors that can make them stand out, such as emerald green or ruby ​​red.

Finally, we always try to have elements with sinuous and harmonious curves: armchairs with backrests rounded, arms of the curved sofa is chandeliers with concentric geometries. And your liberty two-room apartment will be a luxurious refined environment!


American style shaker two-room apartment

However, if you don’t like the overly luxuriant style of the American liberty current, there are some alternatives equally beautiful. And cheaper too! For example, we can fall back on a genre with leaner and more austere features of the American style: the shaker style.

In fact, it takes inspiration from an eighteenth-century religion, which practiced a fairly rigid lifestyle. Therefore, thefurniture Sara simple, essential and without too many decorations. Then, in order to be perfectly consistent with this style, use the wood how main material is colors faint, as the cream, the Grey and the beige.


Coastal style two-room apartment

Finally, let’s move to the coast, letting us stay in the homes of the Hamptons, where the wealthiest Americans spend their holidays. Ed here is the style coastal. Here, we will find a decor that follows the colors of the Ocean and its beach: beige, blue / light blue and white. In fact, we will make a massive use of the combinations between these colors. For example, blue and white striped pillows, beige and light blue rugs and so on. In other words: we have to dive into the waves.

As in the other genres of the American style, we will have to employ the wood practically everywhere: from the parquet to the planks of walls, give her libraries full of marine objects to the old trunks. And you will be ready to savor the sea breeze from your two-room apartment.

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American style two-room apartment: pictures and photos

And have you come to the end of this article but still don’t know which genre of the American style to follow? Then, browse the image gallery. Because there are so many new photos and ideas waiting for you!


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