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How to furnish the living room in an eclectic style. Tips and ideas to create an environment focused on a mix of styles, textures and atmospheres but overall very coherent. Color combinations and furnishing inspirations.

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The eclectic style is expression of different eras and movements of interior design. Rather than sticking to a single aesthetic, the aim is to put together a variety of different elements together to create a completely new and very harmonious look.

Contrasting textures and colors create a cohesive and detailed designed room, where diversities harmonize and the result is always very creative. Eclectic style interior design is all about experimentation and on the freedom of expression.

Check out our tips on how to furnish the living room in an eclectic style, take a cue from our proposals to create a unique environment of its kind. The rooms we are about to show you demonstrate how a extravagant mix of details it can work beautifully.

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1. Walls and ceiling in neutral tones

The first tip to start furnishing the living room in an eclectic style is to keep the walls and ceiling neutral and bright. We suggest then to use the classic white but also i pastel tones or the off-white, the White milk, the nuances of beige orivory.

Conversely, elaborate colors can make the environment feel heavy. Consider that the eclectic decor is already an eye-catcher in itself. Light colors will make even the space appear larger and bright and will go to better highlight the various complements.


2. Lively and bright furnishing elements

Vibrant reds paired with bright turquoise, emerald green paired with orange and gold finishes: color is an integral part of eclectic living rooms. Choose the colors you really love and give life to an environment that reflects your flair and your personality.

With a eclectic wallpaper or paint, however, it is advisable to keep the furnishings more neutral. Choose two or at most three reference colors so that the eye focuses only on one detail and is not attracted to too many elements at the same time.

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living room-eclectic-walls-mustard

3. Mix and creative layering

As we have anticipated the password when it comes to eclectic style it is experimentation. The mixture of different elements is an essential rule.

Marble with wood, velvet sofas and cushions with industrial seating: dare and be bold mixing patterns, textures, finishes and surfaces.

Also with regard to prints and paintings, you can create a varied collage made up of different artistic movements. From Pop Art to Impressionism, your wall gallery will be a masterpiece.

eclectic-gallery-wall-living room

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4. Furnishing styles from different design currents

He also mixes pieces of furniture of different styles: a Louis XIV sofa it can be easily combined with a contemporary coffee table or with a lacquered cabinet from imperial China, it is the contrast of aesthetics and cultures that makes an eclectic style living room fascinating.

Furniture with clean lines and straight ones bring modern or contemporary style into the home, while less angular and softer elements introduce vintage and classic themes.

living room-eclectic-details

5. Eclectic and varied textiles

In an eclectic style living room, the choice of textiles is fundamental because it helps to create the right atmosphere.

Mix natural fabrics with oriental pieces, geometric prints with ethnic ones. Give your living room a lived-in and bohemian look thanks to original cushions, fancy sofa covers, carpet and exotic looking curtains.

living room-eclectic-textiles

6. Decorative elements with a story to tell

Another detail not to be overlooked are the decorative items. They cannot be missing family heirlooms which have special significance for homeowners.

The accessories of the eclectic style tell different lives and cultures. Highlight handmade decorations, pieces of local crafts and unique creations that have an emotional value for you. Combine them with paintings and vases, statues and paintings of different styles such as pop art, baroque, classical aesthetics, vintage and boho.

Travel the world? You can’t not exhibit yours travel souvenir collection. This is what makes the eclectic style so special, memorable and very personal.


7. Small eclectic living room

Remember that an eclectic living room, especially if small, it doesn’t need to be drowned with too much furniture and accessories.

In order not to risk making a small space too crowded, play with a bold sofa and a few targeted accessories, lively and not bulky just as you can see in the picture.

Go for a coffee table in wood and clear glass and add a short-pile rug with colorful oriental-style embroidery. You don’t need anything else. You will create an interesting visual impact by keeping the space clean and tidy.

small-eclectic-living room

Living room in an eclectic style: photos and pictures

Make your eclectic living room a welcoming place that strikes you at first glance. Be inspired by the proposals we have selected for in our photo gallery and create a unique and original environment.


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