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5 furniture from the 70s to have at home

70s furniture: what are the most famous pieces of furniture of the decade? Here are 5 unmissable furnishings to have at home. Discover the materials, colors and patterns that revolutionized the interior design of the 70s.

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The 70s are States marked with lot of events historians important, which have strongly influenced the vision of the future, innovating all fields of art and aesthetics. The oil crisis of 1973 has definitely had an impact decisive on interior design, which compared to the previous decade has begun to look more confidently at technology and alternative energy sources.

Just in this decade there is a tendency to combine new materials, who enter the world of furniture for the first time; vinyl, leather and aluminum, characterized by bright colors, represent the desire to experiment in freedom and they are a typical feature of the whole decade.

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Finally, the geometric rigor and snappy lines take on a leading role in the choice of coverings. From these premises it is easy to understand how much the futuristic aesthetics of the 70s still exercise a great fascination today.

Some pieces of furniture have become real ones icons of those years, and for those who still want to breathe that atmosphere of freedom, we propose the most famous furniture of the 70s that should absolutely have at home. Discover the 5 must-have furnishings of the decade most revolutionary in history!

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1. Minimal style wooden sideboard

The unscrupulous spirit of the 70s is perfectly embodied in a functional furniture like the sideboard: the traditional grandmother’s pantry buy a more gritty soul, thanks to a essential design e strongly geometric.

Walnut wood remains an undisputed protagonist of furniture, but comes enhanced through a game of geometric joints, which recall the abstract trends of the second half of the century.

If you want a 70s sideboard, you prefer the simplicity of the forms: the doors I’m without frills and lean volumes, to allow you to have sufficient storage space but never bulky.

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2. Ball Chair: the iconic seat of the 70s

The Ball Chair is become an icon of the interior 70’s, thanks to the futuristic design that has managed to subvert the rigid canons of the past. The Ball Chair is a ball chair with a comfortable one internal padding, which invites you to assume a very informal posture.

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The original model had been conceived by designer Eero Arnio, with a colored fiberglass shell, enlivened by the most flamboyant and typical shades of the decade (such as yellow, orange and black).

Subsequent reinterpretations have innovated the concept of Ball Chair, up to transform it into Bubble Chair: it’s about a hanging chair to the ceiling via a chain. Unlike the Ball Chair, this seat is made in transparent material to allow the light to illuminate the interior as well. If you want to take refuge in a bubble of relaxation, you can’t miss one!

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3. Sofa with futuristic design

Also the sofa acquires an aspect softer and more comfortable. The corners are rounded and the line becomes more sinuous, to give life to a design sofa futuristic, which draws inspiration from a renewed interest in i space travel.

The 70’s sofas have all look thriving and bold colors. The break with the past takes place sharply, through the use of innovative materials that give life to new and interesting compositions.

In the field of furniture all this translates into a strong charge of experimentalism and freedom. Optical prints, floral motifs and geometric patterns dominate upholstery and fabrics, and bring an explosion of non-conformism into the house.

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4. Low cabinet for turntables

Modular furniture is a very important achievement of this decade. The living it is no longer conceived as the classic bourgeois living room, but becomes a space wider, that hosts also the television and the turntable. The presence of these two appliances requires the right space: vinyl and record player furniture are one of the must-haves of the living area.

Forms are thick enriched by the combination of different materials, such as plastic or the smoked glass, used to close the doors. As for the sideboard, here too the design is lean and essential: what really matters is to give space to the functionality of the elements.

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5. Quaderna table

As we mentioned earlier, among the typical features of the decade are the use of the line and pure geometric shapes. In the field of interior design geometric rigorism becomes a constant, that is expressed perfectly in famous Quaderna table by Zanotta.

The wooden coffee table is characterized by a screen printing with a 3 cm checkered print, which completely cover the white surface with laminate. The geometric rigor is amplified by the minimal design of the table, consisting of three rectangular blocks different, but united by the continuous interweaving of lines.

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70s furniture to have at home: images and photos

Would you like to enrich the decor with the iconic furniture that characterized the 70s? In this gallery of images you can find more inspiration, which will help you recreate the carefree and irreverent atmosphere of the most revolutionary decade in history.


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