5 elegant colors for the living room

When furnishing a living room, the furniture is always carefully chosen. We must not forget, however, that nuances can also make a difference. For example, burgundy, blue, white, gray and beige are 5 elegant colors for the living room that are particularly suitable. Here because.


The living room it is one of the rooms in the house to which greater importance is given. For example, it is often there that we welcome our guests. If we want it to turn out particularly elegant, surely you have to choose the right furniture. However, need to do also a lot pay attention to colors that you decide to use.

In fact, there are some shades that are more refined than others. Among these we can mention some neutral shades such as the White, the Grey or the beige, but also some more particular ones like the burgundy or the blue. Just these I’m the 5 elegant colors which we recommend for the living room. Let’s see why they are particularly suitable and how they can best be combined.

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The importance of choosing the right colors

When you decorate your home, there choice of colors is always basic. In fact, if you don’t choose the right shade, you run the risk of ruining the aesthetics of a room.

If, for example, we want an elegant living room, there are some shades to prefer over others. This because each color has his own meaning and is able to convey something.

There are those that instill serenity, those that make a room lively and cheerful and there are those that are particularly elegant. In short, choosing the right color in a room can make the difference.


White living room

A color that is good for any occasion is the White. This it’s perfect also to make the living room elegant and then it is always current as it never goes out of fashion.

White is a very light and bright shade and consequently turns out always a lot end. Among other things, it is also the most recommended choice if your living room is not particularly large. Will it create the optical effect that space available is greater.

Furthermore, this nuance is also a lot versatile and it goes well with any style of furniture. For example it is perfect for a stay modern, for one minimal, but also for one shabby chic. However, it will always be elegant.

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Blue living room

Another color elegant for the living room is blue. This is because it is an intense shade that certainly it is noted, but that it does not appear never excessive either annoying. It is no coincidence that this nuance is able to convey serenity and to create a relaxing environment.

Furthermore, turns out also a lot versatile as blue can be combined with different shades. It looks good both with neutral shades and with other more particular ones. However, an all-blue living room cannot be ruled out, perhaps alternating lighter and darker shades.

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Beige living room

If you want to play it safe when decorating, it’s always a good idea to opt for some neutral shades. These they do not appear never excessive and are always a lot elegant. For example this also applies to the beige.

Specifically, this color is a great choice if we like them nuance a little more hot. Their main selling point is that I am able to make a room, such as the living room, particularly welcoming.

Furthermore, even the beige is one of those shades that may turn out be a lot modern, be a little more classical. All depends on the type of furniture that you choose.


Burgundy living room

The burgundy it is a very special color. It’s not too bright like red, then not tired in the long run. However it is certainly intense as a nuance.

Often is associated to passion, but also to elegance. Not surprisingly, it was a shade that was never lacking in the homes of nobles. In short, if you want a particularly elegant stay, you have to opt for burgundy.

As a precaution, however, we recommend choose this nuance only if the room is not too small. In fact, it is still a fairly dark color as well it might make the living room gloomy.


Gray living room

Black has always been considered an elegant color. However it is very dark and therefore can often be heavy in a living room. A nuance that is instead perfect is the Grey. This, in fact, is slightly clearer and therefore does not disturb if it is chosen to furnish.

Also, the gray has several shades and you can choose the lighter or darker ones according to your preferences. The room will result always a lot elegant.

Then, being another neutral shade, we can match all colors we want. We recommend this nuance mostly for the modern style or that minimal. The effect will be the best.


5 stylish colors for the living room: pictures and photos

Leafing through the images in the following gallery you will be able to observe different stays. All are elegant colors such as blue, white, gray, beige and burgundy. Take a look at the photos to get some ideas.


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