5 elegant colors for the bedroom

Elegant colors in the bedroom, which ones to choose and how to combine them. Light and bright nuances, or bold and intense: here are 5 evergreen shades for the elegant sleeping area.


There are colors that communicate calm and serenity; others, on the other hand, are a true manifesto of intent and transmit disruptive emotions, in line with the enthralling personality of those who proudly exhibit them. However, the rules of interior design suggest that for any environment exist ideal colors, able to welcome and transmit a positive impact or a specific emotion.

For example, in the bedroom it is important choose relaxing shades, able to put us at ease and to perfectly reconcile rest. The choice is not limited only to furniture color or of the walls: also furnishing accessories e the fabrics play a role fundamental in creating an environment comfortable and elegant.

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But speaking of elegance: what are the colors that convey sophistication in the bedroom? Here are 5 shades perfect for the elegant sleeping area. Find out which color suits your bedroom e follow the advice for create refined combinations, always in step with the times.

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1. Teal green for natural elegance

When we think of the green our brain immediately associates this color with a thick and luxuriant vegetation. There is therefore no more suitable shade than green, to express sensations of serenity e of calm, precisely those emotions that inspire a walk in nature.

But among all the existing shades the one we propose is teal green, a mix of blue, yellow and gray that transmits aelegance unmatched on the walls of the bedroom. Match it with the white of the linen bedroom to give the environment a pure light; but also some hint of black does not hurt: limited to details of furnishing accessories, it is the perfect mix for the modern bedroom.

Make teal green shine with the flashes sparkling gold and bronze. The chandelier, the mirror frame or the decorative details of the furniture handles make the atmosphere sophisticated and dreamy.

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2. Powder pink, versatile and surprising

The dusty shades are the touch of class both in modern bedrooms and in more classic ones. Powder pink is a versatile shade, able to give a refined character to modern environments and to convey a charm of yesteryear to the most vintage bedrooms. This, however, only applies if pink is matched in the right way.

Gray is no doubt the juxtaposition character that demands a contemporary bedroom. However, if you prefer atmospheres more vintage and feminine, pink it will go side by side with white or beige.

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Also ivory is a shade of white not to be underestimated: with little ones hints of gold reserved for frames and lamps it will make the atmosphere very romantic and feminine.


3. Gray, the color of modernity

The ideal compromise for those who can’t decide between total white or total black is represented by Grey, a modern and refined choice, which acts as a backdrop for any color or style. There are many shades of gray, but a lot depends on the type of furniture in the bedroom.

In the classic style gray becomes nuanced and rarefied; in the most modern contextsinstead green light for intense shades but with a brilliant texture. No doubt the Scandinavian style is what best lends itself to this shade of color, that will go in any case enlivened by stronger touches, such as the black, the royal blue or the Emerald.

The hints of color are to be reserved for bed linen, carpets and pillows. For the curtainsinstead stay on the classic White: elegance derives from a skilful balance between shapes and colors, lights and shadows.


4. Black, an always refined choice

If among these tips you expected to find the ubiquitous white, you will be surprised by the contrary. The black certainly represents a less obvious choice than the classic white, but we must remember that it encompasses the whole spectrum of the rainbow. Exactly for this reason it must be dosed with extreme attention, Why its intensity tends to overwhelm all other elements.

Yet the allure of a black bedroom immediately brings to mind the luxurious interiors of a loft, characterized by soft lighting and noble materials, such as marble and gold. The black it is the color of elegance par excellence, but its innate sophistication goes enhanced by a well-studied light.

If you choose black for to paint the wall behind the bed, rely on modern and suggestive lighting, such as the led backlight e the spotlights installed in a false ceiling.

The many color combinations they will help you make the room varied and modern: i neutral give a sense of warm welcome, while i pastel colours they soften the intensity of the black and, by contrast, acquire even more freshness and vitality.


5. Blue, timeless elegance

How do you do it the blue to never go out of fashion, it is not so much a mystery: this color has the power to positively affect our mood and to transmit feelings of calm and well-being. That’s why it turns out to be a choice very usual in the sleeping area, so much so that it is counted among the colors evergreen for the elegant bedroom.

There are endless shades of blue to choose from, like endless they are his possibility of declination. In combination with white optical gives character and modernity, while with the Brown, the beige and the sand color expresses all its disruptive force and its innate elegance.

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Elegant colors for the bedroom: pictures and photos

If you have not yet found the color that best suits your bedroom style, browse this gallery of images: here you will find many other suggestions of colors and right combinations, for an elegant and refined bedroom.


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