5 elegant colors for the bathroom

If you want to transform the bathroom into the most elegant room in your home, then now is the time to take a cue from a series of delicate nuances to this goal. Here are the 5 most elegant colors to combine to make the bathroom refined and chic.


Colors available are so many, each of them with features interesting to transform a room of the House in a unique place, full of style and full of identity.

However, some colors more than others are ideal for making elegant environments. You are wondering what are the colors suitable for decorating the bathroom and turning it into a place full of elegance? We show you 5, with their sublime combinations. Make yourself comfortable and choose the color that best suits your way of being.


1. Tiffany green for a dream bathroom

A color dream, symbol of luxury and elegance for decades, the emblem of refinement and attention to detail, the green Tiffany embodies the delicacy and simplicity of one of the most representative pastel colors. For the bathroom it becomes a base for the walls, fresh and bright, to be combined with equally bright colors, like white.

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The ideal solution to interpret this color it is together with sanitary ware and furniture in total white, enriching the whole with a floor in the same color, with a lighter shade than the walls.

If you want to create harmony and recall the green notes, uses the decorative power of plants that can be placed on the windowsill or near the window in the bathroom. The Tiffany color thus interpreted is delicate and the bathroom, in no time at all, is transformed into an explosion of elegance.


2. Elegant bathroom? Yes, with the lavender color

The lavender color emanates emotion in all its nuances. It is about the color that it has the strength to evoke aromas and perfumes expanses of violet flowers, famous for being the flowers from which a soothing and delicate fragrance is extracted. This color has a very strong emotional impact, capable of arousing positive emotions and relaxation.

In conclusion, the lavender color for the bathroom becomes the winning choice if you want to transform this room into an area of ​​well-being with elegant tones. How to combine lavender in the bathroom? Use wooden furniture, in natural light shades.

Use the various violet shades to create harmony and coherence in the room and, if you want to break up the dark effect on the walls, you can use two different shades of lavender on the walls, so as to create a clear division, using a white wooden beading. The extra touch is undoubtedly given by a matching painting and by the curtains, also in the lavender shade, very light and clear.

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3. Apricot color for the elegant bathroom

We are often oriented towards choosing standard, usual and widespread colors for decorating the bathroom, as well as the other rooms in the house. but yet there are colors that can surprise us and to have an unexpected effect, in terms of good taste and elegance. A example above all it is the apricot color, with orange notes mixed with pink peaks.

This color manages to transform the bathroom into a refined room, chic and stylish. The bathroom explodes in a spring, transforming into an attention-grabbing bouquet of color.

The solution, in this case, is focus everything on tone on tone, choosing objects and furnishing accessories from the lightest to the darkest apricot color. To define everything, use white, for example for bathroom fixtures.

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4. Elegant bathroom in gold and powder pink

For those who love details, for those who want to exaggerate and take care of every aspect of the furniture, here is the amazing combination. The bathroom is transformed into an oasis of elegance thanks to the combination between powder pink and gold. How to best interpret them?

Use the powder pink color on the walls, creating a neutral base e insert gold into the decor. Gold paints the taps, the lamps, the structure of the washbasin and everything is transformed into harmony and extreme refinement.


5. Mint green: an innovative color transforms your bathroom

If you wish that the bathroom of your home absorbs the elegance of the past, of the times when refinement was the rule, on the agenda, then you can focus on a color that in the golden age was the must have for furniture: mint green.

This color, combined with antique furniture, in light wood, or with small but luxurious details, such as an important carpet, becomes the perfect color to give the bathroom character and identity. Our advice is to use the green tint on the walls and also to paint the ceiling, so as to create a magical box where you can spend the best time dedicated to well-being at home.


5 stylish colors for the bathroom: photos and images

Here are the ideal combinations, shades and colors to choose to transform the bathroom into an apotheosis of elegance. Browse our photo gallery dedicated to the subject, to draw on different styles and find the right inspiration.


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