5 beautiful decorations for a small bathroom you will love

5 wonderful decorations for a small bathroom: if you are looking for a way to decorate your small bathroom in a refined, creative, nice way but without wasting too much space, this is the right article for you. We give you 5 fantastic suggestions, with images and solutions designed for all tastes and needs.


Having a small bathroom has certainly some disadvantages, related to the available space first of all, but also some undeniable advantagesi: a small bathroom can be furnished much easier and, usually, at a lower cost.

Of course, speaking of available space, in a small bathroom having to make the most of the potential each free area will not be able to space too much in terms of decorative elements.

This, however, does not mean that it does not you can make your little bathroom beautiful, creative, elegant and unique with some fantastic decorations that in addition to not occupying excessively space, they are cheap and easily available in every store.

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So let’s see how you can decorate your small bathroom with 5 beautiful decorations that will give a touch of class to the environment and they will change the face of your bathroom quickly and without huge costs. For you we have collected 5 different solutions that cover all tastes and styles. At the bottom of the article, as always, you will find our image gallery with many solutions to which you can comfortably be inspired.


1. Male and female metal men

For a fun little bathroom, that’s it the classic little men found on the signs indicating toilets in public places, but reinvented with a modern style and elegant. The pair of male and female men that we propose is made of metal and can be attached to the bathroom door, but also to the cabinet belonging to one or the other or, simply, like wall decoration. In any case, it will be a fun and creative element that will give a boost of good humor to your small bathroom and without taking up unnecessary space.


2. Fish-shaped mirrors for the walls

Fish are one of the most used decorative elements in the bathroom. In this case, we have chosen as a solution for your small bathroom a set of fish of different sizes, with bubbles attached, which you can hang on the wall, according to the arrangement you want. You can let your imagination run wild and form a school of fish that follows a single direction or arrange them separately on the different walls or even on the furniture doors. They can be attached to the wall or tiles, and in addition, they also have a practical function: they are very nice and comfortable mirrors.

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3. Bring a touch of green to your bathroom

In recent times It is also trendy to include plants in the bathroom. Plants are chosen moisture resistant, of course, and at higher temperatures, like for example succulents or that don’t need too much light or, again, particularly resistant, such as for example aloe vera or ivy or, again, bamboo.

Of plants for the bathroom that you can choose and arrange on shelves on the walls there are many, but if you don’t have a green thumb Do not worry: buy fake seedlings. You won’t have to take care of them, so there’s no danger of them dying, and besides they will keep their splendid color forever. On the market there are many types and, by now, very realistic.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group


4. Set of mirrors with gold frames

If you wish to bring some elegance and refinement, but also an eclectic or classic style in your small bathroom, pdefinitely greased on the mirrors with gilt frames, elegant and perfect for different looks. In the solution that we propose in the image below, we have focused on a set of three round mirrors with geometric style ray frame, very reminiscent of Indian mandalas and conveys a sense of order but also of dynamism, thanks to the circular motifs. You can arrange them in the position that best suits the style of your bathroom: horizontally for a neat look, on different lines for greater dynamism.


5. Set of circular mirrors

We conclude with a very special set of mirrors, in a circular shape, hollow or solid and of variable dimensions that you can arrange in a creative and unique way to decorate the walls of your bathroom. Also in this case, these are decorations that go on the walls or at most on the furniture doors and which therefore do not take up space, perfect for even very small spaces. The double benefit of this mirror set is that it typically the reflective surfaces give the feeling that the environment is larger, they also reflect light and therefore increase the brightness of the room.


5 decorations for a small bathroom: pictures and photos

We have recommended 5 beautiful decorations if your bathroom is small and you don’t want to waste space, on the contrary, you need to make the most of every centimeter in a functional way, but you don’t want to give up beauty and aesthetics. Here are 5 decorations for your bathroom and in the following image gallery you will find other equally fantastic ones that you can certainly inspire yourself to.


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