1980s open space for those who are not afraid to dare

If you want to relive the atmosphere of the legendary 80s, there are some things you just can’t give up. Strong colors combined with soft nuances, kitchen with peninsula, geometric shapes. For materials, freely combine glass, metal, marble and plastic. Find out everything you need to know to furnish an open space in the style of the 80s.


THE mythical 80s, as we will define them today, they have become in the collective imagination synonymous with extravagance, audacity and great contrasts. But also of the will to live. And yes, because the great pacifist and feminist street demonstrations that characterized the previous decade had left behind a trail of negativism. The the 80s reaffirm the desire to escape, of fun and lightness.

On a political level, the 1980s are characterized by great changes in the geopolitical balances, while they are the years of economic recovery. In fact, the figure of the rampant professional is affirmed, the so-called yuppies who try to climb the stock market.

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In conclusion, a great excitement a cultural affair that concerns all aspects of society e that will help create the myth of this historical era. But what happens in the field of interior design? What are the peculiar aspects of the 80s style? A style that recently, albeit with some reinterpretations, is making a big comeback.

Open space

If it is true that in previous decades it was introduced by architects and designers the concept of open space is in the 80s that it states with greater momentum this new way of conceiving the home environment. The open space, literally open space, best represents the way of life in those years. The desire to be in company, which is not limited to the living room, but opens, creating a unique and larger environment with the kitchen.

The open space is therefore enriched with furnishing elements and the sofa becomes the protagonist. Large colorful sofas, strictly in leather which become the point of attraction of the domestic space.


The kitchen

There kitchen is transformed from a utility room reserved only for family members and those dedicated to the preparation of food a place of conviviality. With the open space the walls and the divisions between the rooms fall and the kitchen becomes the protagonist of the house together with the other elements.

The most popular model in an 80’s style house it is a kitchen with peninsula which is also enriched with tall and colorful stools. For example for a coffee break, for a quick breakfast or lunch. Large and colorful kitchens to experience this corner of the house in the company of friends and

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The materials

Wood, metal, glass, marble, plastic and also the skin are the most used materials in the 80s interior design. The juxtaposition between these materials it very often happens in contrast. In fact, in the same environment it is possible to find furniture and furniture components of different materials. For example marble coffee tables they marry with plexiglass chairs glossy and transparent, for an effect of great visual impact.



We couldn’t talk about open space in the style of the 80s not to mention the colors. Yes, because the password at that time it was just right to dare, also and above all with colors. Indeed, strong shades are mixed with more delicate nuances, for a truly amazing effect. The 80s-style open space is a vibrant place that your guests will not fail to notice and appreciate.

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Geometric shapes

If colors dominate the 80s style, too the geometric shapes and floral patterns they are a must that cannot be given up. Cubes, squares, rectangles, rhombuses, circles and even abstract geometric shapes populate domestic spaces. Used as decorative textures for fabrics or carpets, but also framed to form paintings to hang on the walls. And they are also inevitable abstract sculptures used to fill and decorate the spaces of your open space.


The lighting

An open space in perfect 80s style cannot do without lamps that create a soft atmosphere, warm and welcoming. The materials used can be the most disparate, from metal, to glass, to plastic. The lamps the most popular were the neon ones.



The 80’s-style open space is an environment full of accessories ranging from sculptures, to vases of various sizes, lamps, carpets, cushions, paintings, mirrors. In short, a home environment where many different furnishing objects coexist, often very different and in contrast with each other, not only for the colors, but also for the shape and materials.


Vertical blinds

If you want to beautify the windows of your open space in the style of the 80s, then the vertical blinds. Even if they are not very practical, they represent a detail that cannot be given up.


The furniture

In an open space of the 80s it cannot be missing the TV cabinet in the living area. In fact, the TV becomes the attraction of the domestic space and assumes a central role. To be placed close to the decorated wall and in front of the large colored leather sofa. Soft and linear shapes they give a touch of harmony to the domestic space.

open-space-80-13 years

Open space in the style of the 80s: photos and images

Lively and colorful environments, lit by great contrasts. Different materials and risky combinations for a mix of great effect. If you want to relive the atmosphere of the 80s, browse the gallery and let yourself be conquered by the charm of an era of great excesses.


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