10 rules for decorating in an ethnic style

Ethnic style: what rules and guidelines to follow in order to furnish your home. And how to choose the right materials.


Letting yourself be guided by the memories of your travels or by the wishes for the future on the road, the ethnic style gradually takes shape. Thus, it shapes your home in an excellent and original way. Indeed, he surrounds himself with souvenirs of exotic places, objects vintage, materials natural. And it creates dynamic and full of life environments.

However, in this energetic mixture, there are some basic rules to follow. Otherwise, the result will be confusing and cluttered, giving the idea of ​​a dowdy house full of junk. So, following 10 guidelines, you will get an ethnic home full of joy and hope.

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Master Bedroom designed by Amber Lewis.

1. Choose a place for inspiration

Although the ethnic style is a mixture of exotic cultures and influences, that doesn’t mean we can shake it all up without caring about the final result. In reverse! Indeed, we must always have the big picture in mind.

For this reason, we choose a single place to inspire us, at least for each room. Thus, it will be a lively but tidy environment. For example, the living room it can be a reminder of the culture Indiana and its bright colors and rich and precious materials. Or, there kitchen could refer to the earthy and warm colors ofAfrica. Finally, there bedroom will be inspired by the ancient land of Japan and its minimal environments. In this way, your home will become a real experiential journey around the world. And without losing sight of the final destination!


2. Prefer handicrafts

And what is the best way to respect the ethnic style? But rely on the expert hands of artisans, of course! Then, we buy objects of the manufacturing arts traditional, which preserve the popular spirit. In addition, their research will also become an exciting challenge. Then, let’s distribute them by there home putting them on display. For example, on a shelf or on a bookcase.


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3. Use naturally derived materials

Initially, it will be difficult to eliminate too elaborate materials and products. Afterwards, it will become child’s play! Then, we make a use frequent dthe wooden furniture: from the bookcase to the bedside table next to the bed. But also other furnishing elements, such as the console in the living room or the cupboards in the kitchen.

Then, for fabrics, we choose materials such as linen, the cotton or the silk. In fact, they will serve to give a sophisticated look to the house, while preserving their genuine nature.

Then, we also add faux leather to the list. For example, a comfortable pouf to be placed in the living room or bedroom. Or, a chair with an eco-leather upholstery will give a more elegant touch to the environment.

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Finally, we buy decorative stone elements, ceramic or clay: they will be the celebration of ancient traditions.


4. Buy carpets

Then, what unites the cultures from which the ethnic style takes inspiration, is the welcome towards one’s guest.

In order to express this concept, the ethnic style house is full of carpets of fine workmanship, short-haired or long-haired. So, try to arrange at least a couple of them around the house, in particular in the living room and in the kitchen.


5. Hang decorative ethnic style wall hangings

However, often only one element can be enough to completely transform the look of our home. Therefore, we buy a decorative tapestry for enrich the walls, obviously choosing it based on the overall look.

For example, if we refer to the American Indian style, we buy a macrame tapestry, which will stand out for its magical weaves. Or, we hang a tapestry depicting a mandala, to refresh the soul with oriental vibrations.

Dar Hani

6. Quirky ethnic style chandeliers

But the ethnic style also means getting involved. And play with furnishing elements rich in inlays and details that become real protagonists.

Then, buy quirky chandeliers, which can boast a certain presence in the room. For example, buy elaborately decorated lamps in iron or brass. Or, with a worked lampshade in rattan or in fabric. In other words, let your imagination run wild.


7. Light candles

But it will not be only the light of the chandelier that will radiate the rooms. In fact, for the most romantic and enveloping evenings, we must prefer a soft and mysterious lighting.

In order to achieve this, buy a set of candles to be distributed in the various rooms, especially in the living room and bathroom. Thus, you will not only have rooms lit in a sweet and pleasant way but also very fragrant.


8. Display travel souvenirs

And what’s the use of traveling if we don’t take a souvenir with us? So, get all your travel memories out of the boxes. Indeed, they will become decorative elements that they will shine in your apartment.

Master Bedroom designed by Amber Lewis.

9. Grow seedlings and saplings indoors

But all the cultures of the ethnic style belong to one world: the Earth. Therefore, Mother Nature certainly cannot be missing on this journey.

Therefore, purchased not only seedlings small to keep in a corner of the living room or on the windowsill, but also some sapling more prosperous. For example, for the interior, the ideal will be a ficus or a citrus. But also a stub of the happiness, with its funny leaves.


10. Ethnic style curtains and screen

Being a bustle between one continent and another, the ethnic style does not appreciate very much closed and small doors. On the contrary, it will be better build environments open, open space or with few architectural barriers.

For example, a good solution is represented by curtains and come on screen, between one room and another, which will take the place of too bulky doors. Or, use them as an ornament for the four-poster bed, creating an intimate space but still open to the outside.


10 rules for decorating in ethnic style: images and photos

And you have come to the end of this journey around the world! But do you want to be sure of the rules to follow? So, browse the image gallery: there are ideas and ideas waiting for you!


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