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10 ideas to decorate a blind bathroom in an intelligent way

Tips and ideas for furnishing a blind bathroom in an intelligent way, transforming it into a comfortable and trendy environment. Taking care of yourself becomes more enjoyable in a tastefully decorated bathroom even if it’s not as bright as you want.

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If you can’t add a window to your blind bathroom, then design it wisely!

You don’t necessarily need a bathroom with a window to express your taste in decor. The ideas we are about to propose will help you to to furnish a blind bathroom in the most functional way possible.

Who said that in a bathroom without a window you have to give up aesthetics? These ten tips prove the exact opposite.


1. Suspended sink

A wall-hung washbasin it’s a great solution furniture in a blind bathroom because frees up floor space, makes the room seem bigger and airier than it really is.

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To have bathroom accessories and products at hand, opt for a cabinet with integrated washbasin or install a shelf between the sink and the mirror.

On the market there are also solutions with a support surface on either side of the sink large enough to store everything you need.


2. Large mirrors

Use mirrors, as we know, is one of the most well-known tricks when decorating rooms without natural light. Thanks to their reflective power, in fact, especially if placed on opposite walls they create the illusion of grandeur even in the smallest sizes.

Position them facing each other, or choose a large model to be placed above the sink and covering a large part of the wall.


3. Lighting fixtures at different heights

When you furnish a blind bathroom, pay attention to the lighting. Our advice is to use appliances at different heights and opt for different intensities of light, from the hottest to the coldest. This is an excellent solution to overcome the problem related to the absence of windows.


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4. Tiles and light colored paint

While using artificial lighting wisely, the blind bathroom always tends to appear rather dark. That’s why when you go to furnish it we recommend that you use a clear palette.

USA preferably white or otherwise neutral tiles because they reflect artificial light and spread it uniformly throughout the square footage.

To maximize the effect of light, try opt for 3D tiles or three-dimensional ceramic coverings which also add a touch of design and visual interest to your bathroom.


5. Fiberglass wallpaper

For a makeover of your old blind bathroom or for a new furniture project, you may want to consider the idea of cover the walls with fiberglass wallpaper.

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IS resistant to water and humidity therefore particularly suitable for environments such as the bathroom. Furthermore adds a touch of innovation and style to this room of the house.


6. Mix of finishes and materials

To make your blind bathroom more eye-catching, try a experiment with a mix of finishes, textures and materials. For example, combine glossy effect tiles with matt effect sanitary ware or vice versa, plays with different textures and wall finishes but pay attention to the colors.

Stick to one or at most two reference tones otherwise you risk getting a result that doesn’t satisfy you. In these cases, you are never wrong with black and white.


7. Quirky wallpaper

A bath blind is also the home place to have fun and dare a little more compared to other rooms in the house. How? Experience an unexpected and quirky wallpaper, that with the right artificial light it becomes almost like a work of art on the wall.

Balance the look with single-color bathroom fixtures and furniture.


8. Transparent glass shower enclosure

In a blind bathroom the doors of the shower cubicle should be strictly in transparent glass, because this material tends to reflect artificial light, enhancing the entire square footage in terms of space.

The key is in the leave the environment as visually open as possible to let the light through without obstacles.


9. Bath plants

To give character and color to a windowless bathroom, you can use plants that need little natural light to survive.

There Sansevieria for example, it is an ornamental plant that it grows in low or medium light conditions and also purifies the air of the room. It does not require too much attention and can live long periods without drinking.


10. Wall decorations

If you can’t say it with light, then say it with art! Use prints and paintings on the walls enhanced by beautiful frames, visually compensates for the absence of a window.

Could create a kind of wall gallery with elements of different sizes and with subjects with a common theme just as you can see in the photo.


Ideas for decorating a blind bathroom: photos and images

Are you looking for inspiration to make your blind bathroom functional and captivating at the same time? Take a look at the proposals we have collected for you in our photo gallery and let yourself be inspired.


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