10 ideas and photos to put the sofa in the small living room

The living room is the place for relaxation and hospitality in which the sofa plays a fundamental role. But where can we put this element when the room is small? In this article we show you 10 ideas and photos that are right for you.


One of the elements that cannot be renounced in the living room is the sofa, furniture par excellence that allows us to enjoy this room alone or in company. There are so many models to choose from, but the main problem we are confronted with is the size of the room.

If indeed in a living room of large dimensions we can range on different types, when this is more small we have to compromise with the presence of other elements, which we could not eliminate from the room anyway. Thus arise the first doubts and above all the fear that the living room could turn into an oppressive place.

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By adopting some tricks and selecting the right models, however, it is possible to insert the perfect sofa which will allow us to perceive even more space. In this article we have collected 10 ideas and photos from which to draw inspiration to furnish this area with style.


Sofa in the small living room: the colors to choose

When we are faced with a small living room the first choice we make is that of colorsbe it the walls or the furniture. These in fact help the perception of space and allow us to experience the room with its own characteristics. As with all other elements, therefore, the color of the sofa must also be carefully evaluated.

The most classic choice consists in opting for a light, neutral shade, in combination with the equally light walls. Among the favorite colors for this furniture we find gray, blue and ivory, to be chosen mainly on the basis of the coating we wish to use.

Even in the small living room, However, it is allowed to dare with some intense colors, especially when it comes to the sofa. Self indeed for the walls and other furnishings we have adopted neutral shades and delicate, we can dare with a dark color and effective which he emphasizedi the function of sofa.

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The suitable shade depends on the style we have chosen and varies from classic black to the more harmonious emerald green.



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Two-seater sofa for the small living room

Even if our intention is to have many guests, we must consider that, in a small living room, the sofa must be commensurate with the available space. The models that are too large and majestic are therefore to be banned, to avoid the risk of them occupying all the available surface by themselves.

Whatever the shape of our stay, if this reveals restricted measures, one of the solutions most used is that of two seater sofa. While narrower, these models prove to be just as comfortable and stylish as their bigger siblings, but there it is allow you to have more space to be used for other typical living room furnishings.

Using a two-seater sofa also allows you to manage further sessions as desired. We can in fact decide whether use armchairs or poufs to increase the space on which to rest, or, we could consider a second sofa, space permitting. Important is respect the harmony of colors.



Modular sofa for the small living room

Other typology very popular sofa in small living rooms, is the modular one. This splits into models with and without armrests, to be chosen according to preferences and needs, such as the shape of the living room.

Compared to the two-seater model, there allows you to play with the different solutions possible adapting the sessions the number of guests and the function we want to use at that time.

We can like this switch between a two-seater and corner sofa to one to three places or, if we wish, make it longer. We can also change the arrangements from time to time and have a different sofa each time.



Where to put the sofa in a small square living room

After choosing the color and model that best suits our needs, the question arises as to where to place the sofa inside the small living room. Much depends on the shape of the room, much too from the placement we want to give to other elements.

In a square living room, for example, it will be important evaluate the position of the TV to choose where to insert the sofa. This in fact will become the centerpiece of the stay.

The solution most adopted is to insert it on the wall opposite the television, usually side to a window or a balcony to allow a better view of the appliance.

In case we do not want to put a television, we can evaluate the hypothesis of place the sofa on the same wall as the window, leaving a corridor between the two elements. In this way the sofa will be placed more in the center of the room, but chosen the right size will delude the mind of having more space available thanks to the light that filters through.



Where to put the sofa in a small rectangular living room

The rectangular living room is one of the most difficult to manage, but also the most widespread form. When this turns out to be smaller, it is not recommended to place the sofa on one of the narrow walls as we would risk emphasizing the shape of the room.

It is therefore preferable to opt for one of the long walls, the one opposite the TV. For give greater harmony and avoid emphasizing the shape of the room, we can decentralize the sofa with respect to the wall e enrich this, with other elements decorative elements that make the presence of the sofa even more important.



Gallery ideas and photos to put the sofa in the small living room

The position of the sofa plays a key role in the living room, especially when it is small. In this gallery of images we have collected some ideas on where to place it.


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