10 bronze furniture ideas for the home

A color capable of amplifying the brightness of the furniture and giving the home a luxurious and chic tone: the bronze color. We show you 10 furnishing ideas to embellish your home with elements of this color.


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The metallic colors of original matrix are mainly three: gold, silver and bronze. In particular the latter has taken a wide spread in recent years as far as furniture is concerned, being a well-matched color, less austere and demanding than the other two, typical of classic and dated styles.

The bronze color corresponds to the hexadecimal code # cd7f32. It is a color considered to be a derivative of orange and in the RGB model it is composed of:

  • 80.39% red;
  • 49.8% green;
  • 19.61% blue.

Color became a symbol of architectural styles like tropical, oriental and modern stylistic currents, it has come to be the protagonist on many fronts as far as furniture is concerned. From small objects to large pieces of furniture, here are the 10 complementary ideas for the House in bronze color.

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1. The bell chandelier

Clean lines but beautifully current: the bell chandelier becomes the must have for most styles, they are modern or classic. This model in bronze color becomes versatile and, with its discretion, fits perfectly into any type of furniture. Its shape and surface reflective of the dome they help to diffuse a light hot and suffused.


2. Classic living room in bronze

We are well acquainted with the opulence of the richness of the classical Renaissance style. Thanks to the brilliance of the bronze color you can transform a heavy style into something alive and particular. We say goodbye to the red velvet fabric to make room for something highly sought after, like the seats of these armchairs and sofas. Combine the rest with a low table in the same color as the seats, the result will not go unnoticed.


3. Vases in bronze

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to transform an environment apparently empty and sterile in a refined space and modern. Our proposal is contained in a simple metal vase in bronze, punched and which brings to mind an artisan work. This type of vase has found space for diffusion in many styles, from the Scandinavian one, which prefers simplicity, to the exotic one, since bronze is a color that it goes well with all shades of green, typical of this style.

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4. Bronze and black kitchen

Do you want to go big? Then we advise you to opt for a kitchen in great style, perfect in his combination of bronze and black. These two colors enhance each other. The kitchen provides a dark colored base, black, both on the walls and on a good part of the furniture. The bronze-colored element becomes primary, displayed on the peninsula counter, in the metal cladding plate. Style, luxury and good taste in one solution.


5. Design chairs in bronze

An intense color and characteristic like bronze can support you in furnishing your home. The idea is that of transform a very simple style in most of the house, focusing and focusing attention on one or two very whimsical elements. Like in the case of these chairs, details in shape and color and that cannot be missing in your home if you want a touch of flair.


6. Bronze paint on the walls

In recent years they have refined wall decoration techniques, enriching the painting with metallic pigments, iridescent and truly original. This is one of the solutions to incorporate within your home the bronze color, creating an effect on the walls reminiscent of the changing mineral rocks found in nature, and elevates the space into a higher dimension.


7. Bronze mirror

Look for the bronze color in each element decorative you can. As in the case of this mirror octagonal shape, very refined and suitable for an entrance area or bedroom.


8. Table set in bronze: cutlery

We bring the bronze even at the table, with the design cutlery service with an unusual and rounded shape. Very nice to use to give the table character and style.


9. Modern bronze sofa

This is one of those elements that becomes master of the scene, which offers the living room or living room that extra something that is difficult to find in a piece of furniture, such as the sofa. The surface of this bronze color it is a neutral base to combine with any color, and at the same time full of identity, so as to dominate the scene.


10. Metallic bronze wall cladding

The last one bronze element which can bestow on your home a touch of exceptional style is the metal cladding for the walls. These are small thin bronze plates, to be used in environments such as the kitchen, to exploit a wall and transform it into a decorative wall.


10 bronze furniture ideas for the home: photos and images

Bright, brilliant, eclectic. These are the bronze furnishing accessories, all to be admired in our photo gallery. Good vision.


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