Tips for picking the best Exterior  Doors

Tips for picking the best Exterior Doors

The type of exterior door in your house makes all the difference. Apart from paying attention to the strength and security as key factors, you should also be concerned about the style of the design and how picking the best exterior doors.

But then, you might even think about these as necessary. So, although it needs not saying, we should let you know that there are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing an exterior door.

You don’t just go for any because there is a closure to be ensured. You need to know what you want. When you have carefully asked yourself certain questions and successfully give yourself answers, you definitely won’t regret your effort. We are here to get you through that. Are you ready?

5        Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Exterior Front Door

1.      What Style Do I Prefer?

Just like the various house structure that you find around, exterior door styles also differ. So, the big question is, what kind of style would you prefer? You could be interested in a traditional panel door, glass door, multi-light door, or solid wood door.

You should feel free to ask questions about the styles available in the store you intend to patronize.

Meanwhile, you should know that irrespective of the style of exterior door that you settle for, security is another important factor to note. It is considered below.

2.      Security

exterior door
exterior door

Apart from the gate, the exterior door needs to be empowered with adequate security and safety elements. We recommend that you invest in special locks and tight hinges, they cost less compared to the need to keep your family and property safe.

Also, if you are planning to invest in glass doors, make sure the person standing outside cannot see what’s going on the inside.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t invest in doors with light if you are serious about your security.

  • Which Exterior Door Material is Okay?

When it comes to strength and durability, the kind of material used in making the exterior door is worthy of consideration. How do we mean?

There are three most popularly used exterior door materials, each with its advantages and limitations. They are:

  • Fiberglass. This material is energy/cost-effective and doesn’t require much to maintain. The reason is not far from the fact that fiberglass doors can be made in almost any kind of color texture that’s available. Also, they can be re-finished when discoloration begins to set in.
  • Wood Doors. Just like the above, maintaining an exterior wood door doesn’t cost much. All you have to do is constant maintenance to keep the wood from warping or deteriorating. You can glass storm door to protect the wood from the rain in case the front porch is not shielded.
  • Steel Doors. Based on rigidity, this is the most cost-effective exterior door material that you can invest in. Although they don’t come in too many great styles that fiberglass exterior doors, they last longer than any other. But you have to put careful effort into painting scratches or dents to prevent rust.

4.      Should the Door Swing In or Out?

outward swinging doors
outward swinging doors

You are probably used to traditional exterior doors. Conventionally, they swing inward. However, times have changed and modern outward-swinging doors have become so popular. It’s okay to be concerned about the danger of the exposed door hinge. We are happy to tell you that there are also advanced hinges that cannot be fumbled with as far as outward-swinging doors are concerned.

The reason for this increasing popularity is for the fact that outward swinging doors cannot be blown in especially in hurricane/flood-prone areas.

Even if you don’t reside in such areas, you need to proactive when it comes to the season of windy climates.

On the other hand, this might not be a good option when you live in an area prone to snowfall. The implication of picking outward-swinging exterior doors is that they could be a challenge opening the door when you have a heap of snow at your front door.

Still, you have the power to choose.

5.      What’s the Best Exterior Door Lock?

Exterior Door Lock
Exterior Door Lock

When considering the best exterior door lock, you should put security first. Style is just a secondary factor. To secure your door in the best way, make sure that the strike plate is fixed with the appropriate tool. If not, the door lock wouldn’t be secured in place as it should be.

Prices of exterior door locks vary depending on the high tech input, safety preference, and lastly, style. They also come in grades 1, 2, and 3. Based on the security rating, we advise that you avoid using Grade 3 for exterior doors.

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Don’t be in a hurry to get your new home all fixed up that you forget the need to invest in a good exterior door.

Take your time to get the best. Ask questions and seek advice if you need to. Beyond style and cost, it’s security first.

Your home is your biggest investment, these are just questions to ask while trying to buy. You shouldn’t neglect the need to ask questions too when you are making moves to install the exterior door.

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