Paula Echevarría changes the look of her house

This year is being very important for Paula Echevarria. The actress is happy with ex-footballer Miguel Torres and is pregnant with Martin, her second child. In addition, she continues with important projects and professionals and has just made major changes to the interior design of his house. The firm Kenay Home has been in charge of the project; although it has followed the guidelines of Paula, who loves design and decoration. If you like the style vintage there are very beautiful pieces that recreate it.

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kenay home's paula echevarria's bedroom

Paula Echevarría’s bedroom, design and commitment to mint, from Kenay Home.

Kenay Home

The keys to change are environments with colorful contrasts, that also play with the volumes of the furniture. It seems to be an anarchic proposal, but it is not, because the thread of interior design is the spaces chic. That’s Pau’s bedroom. She has dared to create a single-colour, mint-scented environment with a wonderful headboard inspired by Art Deco, designed by Miriam Alía. It combines with the side tables Lure (309 euros/pc) and the lamps Lusa (279 ). At the foot of the bed, the soft carpet Clerin shades of water. You dare to decorate in mint?

interior room of the house of the actress paula echevarría, from kenay home

The color block of the living room, in white, with brushstrokes of color.

Kenay Home

In the living room, the colors are very topThe main ingredients are: mints, roses and aquamarines, that are on the textile complements – cushions Velvet (29 euro/pc) – and some decorative pieces to bring the sofa to life Danko (1.569 €). A corner structure dominates the total white of the living room, which delimits the rest area with the carpet Cler (279 euros) and the coffee table Gold (389 €). Actually, it’s a way of bringing a neutral-toned salon to life.

kitchen and office of paula echevarria's house

Tertiary, even in Paula Echevarria’s office.

Kenay Home

With a lot of style, this is the office of Pau. A practical space for breakfast, lunch or dinner as a family on the table Vecare (959 euros) and with the elegance of the chairs Wave (69 €). The Nordic air is confirmed by the lamp’s illumination Han (509 euros). Whoever had a kitchen with office!

bedroom of paula echevarria's house

A very cozy and peaceful bedroom.

Kenay Home

The color palette of the house is constant and seeks a feeling soft…in the form of a rope. In this bedroom, will it be the one used by your daughter Daniela? This formula works perfectly, always combined with the white lacquered furniture, including the upholstered headboard Letter (379 euros) and the little table Nude (459 €). There are many options for headboards to renovate a room.

living area in the house of actress paula echevarria

Interesting this mural proposal with mirrors.

Kenay Home

In Kenay Home’s project, geometrical aesthetics prevailwith materials such as ceramics, gold metal, glass and, of course. In this corner of rest has been applied in the wall decoration, with a beautiful composition of mirrors sun, with frames in rattan, the models are round –Tahir y Bantu (79 euros/pc) – and oval: Gise (79 €) y Ova (69 €). The wallpaper on the wall Palms (69 euros), semi-washable, is also from Kenay Home.

terrace in the house of the actress paula echevarría

The terrace in Pau has a rest area and a dining room.

Kenay Home

The terrace has a lot of space, so Kenay Home has chosen to create two environments. In the dining room, the color block table Lane (499 euros), is extensible, and the chairs Cali (109 euro/pc), is softened by the mint of the carpet. We offer you up to 18 ideas for decorating outdoor spaces.

terrace in the house of the actress paula echevarría

Paula Echevarría has a nice outdoor space for meetings with friends.

Kenay Home

At the outside sofa area presents an L-shaped distribution of the models Kalos (1,129 euros/pc), for three places, which is completed with two pouffes Harmony (from 139 euros/d). The cushion covers and the geometry of the carpet add a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere.

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