A paired triplex with mini garden

This paired house of 140 square meters distributed in two floors plus attic and a small garden, was an old house in the outskirts of BarcelonaVery dark and compartmentalized with partitions and doors. The owners wanted to give it a second chance to adapt it to their new needs, and the interior designer who succeeded was Pia Capdevila. The owners’ daughters have grown up and the house needed to be adapted to a family with teenagers to make it comfortable again for everyone,” she says. In this way, the structure of the house was kept the same but its usefulness was changed, moving and eliminating walls to make it more spacious and bright.

Project: Pia Capdevila. Styling: Mar Gausachs.


New horizons

The ground floor comprises the entire day area with kitchen, living room and toilet. Originally, these rooms were compartmentalized, but thanks to the reform a diaphanous zone with exit to the garden was created. The floor, made of dark wood, was also replaced by a floor that multiplies the light.


A brighter and more diaphanous room

By throwing away partitions, the couch area was significantly enlarged. The key: a brighter and more diaphanous living room. Thus, grey, beige and black tones predominate with mustard as an accent.

For the auxiliary furniture, models were chosen that allowed for various uses according to the needs of each moment.


Clever solutions in the canteen

The new dining room was located at the front of the room. The interior designer designed a custom TV cabinet converting it into a seating area.

That ”allowed us to put a larger dining table, plus gain storage in both the TV area and the bench,” says Pia Capdevila.


Visual dynamism

A grey and beige striped wallpaper was placed on the dining room wall to generate dynamism and unify the colours used in the living room and kitchen.


The nerve centre of the house

For the owners, the kitchen is the nerve centre of the house, as they love cooking with their family. We gave priority to getting a large, spacious, comfortable kitchen space with plenty of storage capacity,” explains the interior designer.

In order to meet the expectations, a U-shaped kitchen was conceived that was very comfortable to work in and had a large storage capacity. Pia Capdevila designed a made-to-measure kitchen unit in Meine Kutchen that houses the entire cooking area, water, work and appliance column, and which extends into the living room, becoming a unit with a bookcase, cupboards and decorative shelves.


Between two lands

The unit is divided by a plywood bar that delimits the kitchen work area, enlarges it and visually divides the kitchen from the living room. A trick: the bar integrates the heating.


Privacy at the entrance

In the entrance hall, one of the objectives was to visually separate it from the kitchen to give it privacy, so the interior designer devised a wall-biombo covered in black vinyl paper that delimits the entrance, and opened windows with a metallic structure at the top to bring light into both spaces.


Night area

On the first floor of the house are the master bedroom and the youth rooms with shared bathroom. The suite includes a beautiful bathroom decorated in neutral tones.


A treasure of wood

The main protagonist of the suite is the spectacular wooden slatted headboard illuminated with LED lights, with which Pia Capdevila lined the wall to hide the gap left by the old headboard.


Mimetic with the bedroom

The dressing room, at the foot of the bed, was updated by painting it in the same colour as the rest of the house, a stone tone very characteristic of the interior designer.


Intimate and open

To separate the bathroom from the bed, the same decorative element of wooden slats used as a headboard was designed, this time as a separator of both rooms. In this way, an open bathroom was achieved but with a certain intimacy.


All in microcement

The walls of the bathroom, originally made of marble, were lined with microcement, as was the surface of the sink area.


Teen inspired

The youth bedrooms were updated with custom furniture, very similar in both cases, with beds with plenty of storage and well-lit study areas with natural light.


Range of roses

The shades were chosen neutral combined with white and soft pink decorations to suit the age of the daughters.

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