A flat in the city with a patio

To this house in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, he was in need of reform inside and out. Its interior had become outdated, and furthermore its patio, which was not welcoming, was a space that contributed nothing to the house. Fortunately, things changed because The renovation project was commissioned to interior designer Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech of The Room Studio, who has managed to renovate the entire apartment with a current imagewhere the environments are warm, the distribution is functional and the courtyard has become a living room.

The entrance to the house, which has a rectangular floor plan, now leads directly and without the need for doors to the left, to the private area, that of bathrooms and bedrooms, and to the right, to the daytime area. The highlight after the renovation is the transformation of the courtyard. The interior designer has turned it into a modern and functional space. In short, it was conditioned to be one more stay of the house, which could be used with the arrival of the good weather. In fact, it now has a dining room and living area, and a trellis with climbers that provide maximum freshness. To make it warmer changed the old floor for a synthetic platform with a rustic look, in oak, which fills it with clarity, and projected a light pergola to place a sliding awning, which gives privacy to the patio and that allows its use even in the most intense hours of sunshine. Also the living room is now a different room. Its visual width is greater because it gains the metres of the old gallery, next to the façade, as it connects directly to it through some openings. Only one partition remains intact and avoids the total connection of the rooms; to integrate it, it was used as a support point for the dining area. Next to this, on one side of the gallery, is the kitchen, which enjoys the abundant natural light it receives from the courtyard, and whose white, designer furniture multiplies it.

At the opposite end of the gallery, which is a passage area, it was decided to create a mini reading corner, which is not an obstacle to traffic. Changes were also made in the bedroom area, with the aim of making it more welcoming and personalising the decoration. In both, we sought to create serene and calm atmospheres. In the main one, a linen wall with black brushstrokes brings elegance and modernity. In the children’s bedroom, the walls are also given prominence, but with a mural in shades of blue that, rightly so, extends and occupies three of them, to create an enveloping atmosphere. A ground floor flat can be transformed into a completely new home, if your patio is well conditioned, to make it one more environment; perhaps the most desired one with the arrival of good weather.

Keys to renovating the patio: New floor and wall materials and the installation of a shaded roof will make it more welcoming; not to mention the plants and optimal ambient lighting. The interior layout should be oriented towards the courtyard. In this house, the openings are wide but also high, proportional to the glass frontageso that the natural light flows and the sky can be seen. A good choice: the platform is oriented towards the gallery, to create a feeling of more depth.

Bamboo chairs

The reform of the house was used to condition it and use it as an outdoor living and dining room. With new decoration and flooring, it has gained warmth. Bamboo chair, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Table Windby Andreu World. Synthetic oak flooring Enchanced Grainfrom Millboard.

Sliding awning

The installation of a sliding awning avoids direct sun in the hours of intense heat and creates a more intimate atmosphere in the room. The freshness of the climbing wall and the naturalness provided by the wall covering of the sofa with the pieces arranged in apparent disorder should be highlighted. Sofa Les Arcsfrom Unopiù. Natural rattan chair, coffee table
and lanterns, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Floor lamp, by Marset.

Modular shelving

A natural ambience in the living area has been achieved by combining furniture with simple lines and harmonious colours. The key element to unify the pieces, a hand-woven jute carpet, with multiple shades. Sofa Ghostby Gervasoni. Printed cushions and beige knitted blanket, by Filocolore. Armchair Flyfrom Tradition. Modular shelving Stacked…from Muuto. Chair and basket, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Carpet Havannaby Francisco Cumellas.

Coffee Tables

The living room, which shares space with the dining room, receives all the natural light of the patio through the glass facade. Between this room and the outside there is a passage area, which is used as a reading corner. Blanket, by La Maison. Yellow glasses, by Filocolore.


White lamp

The wooden furniture gives an extra dose of warmth to the living room; a balanced atmosphere where the auxiliary furniture, the mix of cushions and the lamps make the decoration more dynamic. Blue wall lamp Type and white lamp Bellevuefrom Tradition.

Natural wood table

A partition in the living room separates the two large openings that lead to the gallery, which is practically integrated. This wall is useful to center the position of the dining room in the space, while the openings offer a beautiful view of the panelled facade and allow light to flow. The one on the left leads to the patio and the one on the right to the kitchen. The natural wood table, extendable, and the wall lamp Ptolemy Mega Paretefrom the firm Artemide, come from Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Chairs, by Thonet. Fiber tray, from La Maison.

Custom library

The work was used to completely change an extra room, which can only be accessed from the courtyard. It is now used as an office. Customized bookcase, design by the decorator. Chairs CH24by Carl Hansen & Son. Table Dizziefrom Arper.

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Flowerpots with geometrical motifs

To give a more welcoming air to an exterior, they make
lack of complements. In the decoration of this patio, some flowerpots with geometrical motifs have been chosen, by Mayflower and the interior designer’s study, which evoke the hydraulic tile recovered from the house.

Hydraulic tile

The hydraulic tile, with a carpet effect as it is framed in grey, gives a retro look to this part of the gallery, which connects the living room with the patio. It is a passage area, with very reduced space but very functional, because it is also used as a reading corner. Chair, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Lamp Pull…from Muuto. Shelf String Pocketfrom the firm of String.

Hydraulic floor

Renovating an old flat, but recovering its floors, is becoming more and more frequent. Hydraulics are very useful in today’s decoration because they give the rooms a more stately and vintage air.

Rectangular kitchen

Rectangular and narrow, its white furniture propagates natural light and visually enhances it. Perfect, the choice of a soft green for the walls, for its freshness. Lamps Glasby Foscarini. Bell and oven, by Balay.


Glas Lamp

Good design lamps only for the living room? No. Also in the kitchens, to raise the decorative level. In this one, of rectangular plant, two of industrial inspiration were placed; the model Glasby Foscarini.

Vinyl paper base

A balancing elephant animates the decoration
in the children’s bedroom and brings an extra dose of colour and freshness. With a practical sense, it was combined with a vinyl paper base, in a more suffered and washable tone. Elephantvinyl paper and white lamp, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Chest of drawers, by Ikea. Basket and knitted carpet, by Zara Home.

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Wooden Chest of Drawers

A corner of the bedroom with chests of drawers, lamp and painting, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé.

Dark linen on the wall

Decorated with subtle color contrasts in the textiles, the interior designer took a risk with the dark linen
on the wall… and he was right. The shades of black are elegant. Cushions, by Filocolore.

Iroco wood bathroom furniture

The ambient lighting projected by the mirror and the combination of wood, microcement and hydraulics, they wrap the bathroom in an atmosphere of intimacy.
Furniture designed by the interior designer Meritxell Ribé, in Iroko wood. The mirror, made to measure, and the dark turquoise tiling of the shower are also from the decorator’s studio. Basin, by Galassia. Tap Retrofrom Tres Grifería.

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