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what to plant in May

May is the most useful month to proceed with planting and watering. Let’s see what to plant in your balcony garden this month.

Garden on the balcony what to plant in May 4

If you are planning to recreate a vegetable garden on your balcony, there is no better month to start than May. In fact, it is precisely in the month dedicated to the Madonna that spring explodes. Paying attention to the lunar calendar, indeed, you may find advantage in planting and watering many varieties of vegetables, or transplanting them.

After all, it is precisely in May that temperatures rise and we move towards summer. Not only in the garden or in the open ground, even on your terrace you can recreate a beautiful vegetable garden made of tomatoes, aromatic herbs, blueberries and much more.

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The heated seedbeds, if you had any, they can be stored and the seeds planted directly in the ground. Or, if you have worked well in the seedbed, the time has come to transplant the vegetables obtained. Late frosts are now a distant concern, unless you live in the mountains.

Plus, always on your terrace or balcony you can prepare the seedlings which will then bear fruit in autumn or winter. An example? The cabbages. This is an operation that will not take you long – all you need is a ground box.

Did you know, recent scientific research has shown that gardening lowers cortisol levels? Consequently endorphins increase and you feel happier.

So, the time has come to evaluate together what to plant in your garden on the balcony, in the month of May.

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Garden on the balcony in May: what to do

In May the transplanting and sowing operations are to be carried out absolutely, as it is a particularly auspicious month. Also, just in May, can be implemented all of those pesticide treatments useful to make your vegetables grow and proliferate better.

Another very useful operation concerns soil preparation which, in this month, can be enriched with mature compost. Do not forget, then, to mount braces and gratings that will help plants grow better.

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Also seedlings can be prepared. An example of this are tomatoes which can be removed from the shoots that form on the side of the stem. In this way, it will be possible to obtain a more luxuriant harvest as the nourishment will be concentrated towards the central stem and towards the fruits. Tomatoes will be juicier.

Before starting to plant it is good to follow the lunar calendar, just as the older peasants do and did. Let’s see what to plant in May during the phases of the moon. Considers that there are plants that can be sown independently of the phases of the moon. These are beans, peas, green beans and peanuts.

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What to plant during the growing moon period

During the growing moon, or new moon, starting May 4th, cutting vegetables can be planted such as, for example, radicchio or lettuce. At this stage, they also need to be planted berry, fruit or flower vegetables. It is the growing phase that pushes the vegetation.

Also parsley can be planted in May. It is an aromatic herb that is part of the umbrella family. To make it popular is the fact that it is able to flavor many dishes. That’s why, in your garden on the balcony, it certainly can’t be missing. Be careful not to overdo the consumption as excessive quantities could damage the liver. Like fennel and celery, parsley is a biennial plant, it grows fast and produces a lot.

Chard should be planted in May. Belonging to the chenopodiaceae family and cultivated as an annual although it is a biennial horticultural plant. It grows and cooks with ease. Its fruits can be harvested throughout the year. The perfect variety for the balcony is the herb that is harvested for the leaf.

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What to plant during the waning moon period

During the waning moon phase, o old moon, starting May 18th, you can plant all those vegetables that go underground and beyond.

You can plant chillies and tomatoes. Let’s see them in detail.

The chilli it is related to potatoes. Its peculiarity is that contains capsaicin, or thatelement that makes them spicy. They are also perfect for growing on the balcony because they give your home garden a little touch of color.

Also cherry tomatoes are very beautiful to grow on the balcony. There are numerous varieties, you just have to choose the one that best suits your outdoor space but also according to your climate. Remember that this is a vegetable that needs a lot of sun. Also remember that it fears drought, so it should be watered frequently. Also remember that the pH of the perfect soil is around 6.

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Garden on the balcony: what to plant in May – photos and pictures

All you have to do is arm yourself with gloves and shovel and create your garden on the balcony. Good work but, above all, have fun!


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