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A shaded lawn can be created, but some important precautions are necessary such as, for example, the right mix of seeds. Let’s see how to do it, step by step.

Shaded lawn how and when to sow 2

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Don’t want to give up a green or flowery lawn, even though your outdoor space is exposed to the shade? Don’t worry, with a few tricks, you can make it happen too. The shade does not necessarily depend on the exposure. Sometimes, in fact, the outdoor space is shaded by the surrounding buildings or by the presence of trees with important foliage.

Even in the shade, therefore, a green lawn can be born, to be walked on or admired for its colorful flowers. Before you think about sowing your lawn, you have to understand what is meant by shadow. An outdoor space can be considered in the shade when direct sunlight comes in for at least 3 or 5 hours a day. If the shade is perennial, it would be inadvisable to sow.

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This happens because grass usually doesn’t like being in the shade. Just because, the shade does not allow the grass to perform photosynthesis. Just think also that, under the branches of the trees, the grass receives reflected and not direct light, which can make the lawn sparse and thin.

The solution exists, although generally, lawn seeds are perfect for very sunny areas. Exist, indeed, seed mixes also suitable for shady lawns. Also, consider that blades of grass should never be cut below six centimeters. The mowing, Furthermore, it should never be done too frequently since a lawn in the shade grows less quickly.

Last, but not the least, aspect to consider is the fact that a lawn in the shade, it bears frequent trampling badly. Let’s see together, step by step, how to sow and when to sow a lawn in the shade.

Shaded lawn how and when to sow 3

Lawn in the shade: how to sow

Before proceeding with sowing, the soil must be prepared which must be: weeded, leveled, milled and deprived of the stones. In addition, if it is not sandy, the soil should be corrected to avoid possible waterlogging.

Next, you will need to fertilize based on the needs of your land. If you have not previously analyzed it, you can use natural nitrogen fertilizer, fertilized for lawn with phosphorus and potassium and, if you want, a soil bioactivator.

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The third step very important, it’s about choosing the right seeds, a choice that will necessarily be influenced by the amount of shadow present on the ground.

If your outdoor space receives between 3 and 5 hours of daily light, you will need to use seeds that can withstand low light such as: fescue rubre and poa triviali.

If your outdoor space receives little more light (semi-shaded) you can opt for mixtures of seeds such as: red fescue, ryegrass and poe pratensi. These mixes generate a green lawn that also tolerates trampling.

Shaded lawn how and when to sow 1

Lawn in the shade: when sowing

As for the other types of lawn, lawn in shade should also be sown, preferably, in early spring. Again, the soil temperature must be considered. You may want to equip yourself with a soil thermometer.

The soil temperature must be constant, around 10 degrees, for most hours of the day. Beware, therefore, of possible late frosts. In fact, when the soil temperature is not constant, the lawn may appear in patches when it develops.

In addition to early spring (February-March), it is not certain that sowing cannot take place also in May-June. With late sowing, beware of weeds and temperatures that are too high in summer. In fact, it will be necessary to choose seeds that grow quickly and are ready before the summer heat.

Autumn sowing is also possible. Indeed, the months of September and October can prove to be very profitable: there are no weeds and the soil remains warm more stable. Obviously, the best time for sowing could vary from the north to the south of Italy, where temperatures can vary from season to season.

Shaded lawn how and when to sow 5

Shaded lawn: maintenance

To make sure your lawn germinates quickly, be sure to do proper maintenance. To increase the brightness that reaches the ground, you will need to prune the plants that give shade often.

Furthermore, you will have to pay close attention to watering. On the one hand, it must not be excessive to avoid mosses and diseases. On the other hand, a little water could cause the blades of grass to dry quickly, particularly in hot weather. If there are many trees, you may need to increase it by up to 50% to avoid competitions.

Once the first threads have come out, the height of the cut, as we said above, it must be high about six centimeters.

Shaded lawn how and when to sow 6

Lawn in the shade: how and when to sow – photos and pictures

Now that a shaded lawn has no more secrets for you, you just have to get to work.


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