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types, how and when to sow

A garden does not only consist of plants and trees, but also of a beautiful ornamental lawn that must cover your outdoor space completely. How to make it happen? Find out by reading this guide.

Ornamental lawn_ types, how and when to sow 3

A beautiful ornamental lawn can be the icing on the cake to complete your garden. After all, an outdoor space cannot be said to be complete without a nice turf covering it. Yes, because in addition to trees and plants, a garden also consists of grass.

Not all ornamental lawns, However, they are equal. There are, in fact, different types that you will learn to discover with this article.

Once you have decided on the type, you will have to follow some rules so that it can last over time is have no problems. Also, you will have to put a lot of good will into it as well as a fair amount of patience. The ground, in fact, must be prepared.

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Let’s see all the steps, step by step.

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Ornamental lawn: types

What is meant by lawn? A lawn is an expanse of mown green grass. Each lawn can have different characteristics. Below we will analyze the types of ornamental lawn.

Aesthetic ornamental lawn

It falls into this category the English lawn, used where the climate is never too hot and very humid. This is the classic cover lawn that can be found in northern cities. It is used for large expanses such as parks but also in the gardens of private homes. The turf appears elegant because it is green and compact.

The lawn it requires a land that is devoid of spontaneous vegetation. It also needs a lot of maintenance: it must be mowed and watered frequently so that the green maintains its brilliance. Before planting the seed mix, the ground should be prepared. If it is not too porous, it is necessary to add sand and, to increase its fertility, peat.

Rustic ornamental lawn

Unlike the lawn, the rustic lawn requires less maintenance. Used to re-green or simply cover land even downhill and gardens of country houses, it is composed of seeds with stronger roots. The rustic meadows can resist well even to cold and foot traffic. Also, before sowing a rustic lawn, the soil does not need to be heavily prepared.

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Sports ornamental lawn

This type of lawn is for those who practice sports and competitions, be it football, sport, horse racing. It is a meadow composed of grass that is able to withstand trampling and constant stresses well. Therefore, it is not excluded that it is a lawn that requires a lot of maintenance. The terrain, Furthermore, it must be prepared before sowing, in order to favor drainage and avoid stagnation. The goal is to ensure that sports competitions can take place in peace and safety.

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Ornamental lawn: when sowing

Depending on the outside temperature but also on that of the soil, the right time to sow a lawn will depend. That’s why meteorologically speaking, the most suitable seasons are spring and autumn. If you choose spring, the ornamental lawn will be ready to be admired already in summer.

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As we said, in fact, what counts is the temperature that, in the ground, it must remain constant at 10 degrees for at least a couple of weeks. The outside temperature, on the other hand, must be close to 14/25 degrees. Care must also be taken to avoid late frosts, better to prefer the end of March or April. In autumn, the increase in rainfall can favor the germination of seeds.

Therefore, summer and winter are excluded, seasons in which the sowing of a lawn is highly discouraged.

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Ornamental lawn: how to sow

Before proceeding with the actual sowing, it is necessary to carry out a series of preliminary operations. The goal is to prepare the soil but also make it more prolific for your ornamental lawn.

The first operation is called background fertilization what can be made with organic fertilizer (e.g. manure). Consider that for 120 square meters, you will need about 30 quintals of fertilizer which must be spread evenly.

Subsequently, after spreading the fertilizer, the soil will have to undergo deep tillage. In this phase, you will have to use a heavy hoe that will allow you to mix the earth and chop it finely.

Then, you will need to temporarily level the ground. The goal is to create strategic slopes to prevent water from stagnating. It will therefore be appropriate to use a fairly large rake. It will be time to understand the specific project of your garden. Will you insert flower beds or an irrigation system? If you don’t know where to start, you could use specialized companies.

Subsequently, the ground must rest. At this stage, all you have to do is wait for the natural weeds to arrive. Only after, you can switch to herbicide, an operation that should be repeated at least three times during the spring / summer.

If you decide to create your own ornamental lawn with microtherms, you will have to proceed with dry soil, using a trolley or seeder but you can also proceed by hand. After that, you will need to crush the surface of the soil with a roller. In this way, the seeds will be able to adhere well to the soil. After planting, the soil should always be moist. With microtherms better to wait for autumn or early spring.

If you decide to create your ornamental lawn with macrotherms, the best time is late spring. Make sure you have a good irrigation system that can withstand the summer drought. The first cut will take place after about 20 days or a month.

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Ornamental lawn: types, how and when to sow – photos and images

We are sure that your ornamental lawn will be very good and beautiful. Enjoy it!



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