Spring houseplants

What are the houseplants that bloom in spring? List of decorative plants to grow in pots to have flowers at home from the beginning of spring and in the months of March, April and May?


In March the spring enters the houses with its thousand colors and its intoxicating scents e the first spring flowers bloom.

Indoor ornamental plants that bloom in spring

Here is one list of houseplants which begin to produce flowers as early as March and thanks to their bright colors embellish the environment and help to chase away the bad mood.


The primrose, the plant that announces the arrival of spring with its lively and persistent blooms. It is perfect to grow in pots to be placed both inside and outside the home and does not require special care. It needs a soil rich in humus, well fertilized and an exposure sheltered from direct sunlight.

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Primula-obconicaThe primula obconica is a plant that reaches 35 -40 cm in height in full vegetative vigor. It produces clusters of flowers with a white, pink, blue or purple red corolla that contrasts with the yellow throat.


The pansy, a small perennial herbaceous plant that easily adapts even indoors, is appreciated above all for its persistent and prolonged flowering. It lasts a long time if placed in very bright places, with temperatures between 18 ° C and 25 ° C. It should be watered often but avoiding stagnation of water.


The gerbera, a perennial herbaceous plant that forms thick bushes and produces large flowers with long white, red, yellow, pink, purple and sometimes ligulate petals with various shades depending on the species and variety.


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The perennial daisies whose flower heads surround a large central light yellow button. They also last a long time indoors when displayed on a sunny windowsill.


The hyacinth, a bulbous that can be grown in pots or placed on a glass jar containing water (the base of the bulb must not touch the water). After flowering, the dry stems must be removed and the leaves left green until they are completely yellowed.


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Azalea, a plant that needs little care and lasts a long time if watered with rainwater or distilled water as it is intolerant to limescale. It produces flowers continuously if the dry ones are gradually eliminated.


The ornithogallo, a sun-colored bulbous that owes its name to the particular shape of its inflorescence, in fact when closed it resembles a cockscomb. After flowering, this plant enters vegetative rest and then blooms again the following spring.


The calceolaria or slipper of the Madonna is a seedling that produces characteristic bag-shaped flowers of yellow, orange or red color with dots or variegations in a contrasting color.


Kalanchoe is a succulent that does not require special care and is easy to grow as a houseplant. It is a perennial with fleshy, soft and shiny leaves that produces showy clusters of small white, orange, pink, yellow, purple, red flowers, etc., carried on the tips of cylindrical twigs,


Begonia, one of the most beautiful indoor plants that produces flowers of various colors. It is a long-lived plant that requires little care.

And for a cheerful and colorful spring even outside on balconies, terraces or window sills, the first bulbous plants also bloom.

Outdoor plants that bloom in spring


The narcissus is an elegant bulbous with linear dark green leaves and fragrant trumpet-like flowers that persist on the stems for many days.


Tulips in different color varieties with single-colored or mottled petals. They are easily grown in garden beds and in pots. They do not require particular care.


Iris is a perennial rhizomatous that forms tufts of lanceolate, glabrous, bright green leaves. During the flowering period it produces beautiful flowers with graceful and gentle petals in shades of white, yellow or purple-blue.


Freesia, a perennial herb known for its heady scent and colorful blooms. It is a small bulbous that produces narrow and linear leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of white, yellow, green, etc. It is easily grown in pots and outdoors in full sun in a soft and well-drained soil.


Lobelia, a perfect plant to grow in a partial shade area and which, from April to October, produces a cascade of purple, blue, blue, white or pink tubular flowers. It grows very fast in and goes perfectly with geranium.

There are many plants that bloom in spring and for those who practice gardening, the list and photos of spring garden plants are also available on the site.

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