Scab black spots on leaves and fruits

What is scab? Why do black spots form on leaves and fruits? What are the symptoms, types and how is this disease prevented and treated with natural and chemical remedies?


There scab it’s a cryptogam disease due to mushrooms microscopic.

Those belonging to the genus venturia can cause the destruction of the fruits of Apple tree (Venturia inaequalis), del However (Venturia pirina), gods piracanta.


Those instead of the kind diplocarpon are active on ornamental plants in particular the rose and on some tall trees such as the Willow.


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The medlar of Japan it is instead affected by the fungus Fusicladium eriobotryae

The disease is particularly active in wet periods, autumn-spring and on young fruits.

In fact, the pathogen develops due to excessive humidity on the leaves and a relatively high temperature, between 20 and 25 ° C.


Scab symptoms

The disease is highlighted with brown spots or blackish initially velvety, then deformations e cracks that over time stretch and become hard.


Prevention of scab

  • Eliminate fallen foliage
  • Limit leaf wetness
  • Improve leaf aeration with pruning


Natural and chemical remedies

Natural treatments with pesticides based on horsetail is burn of infected leaves.

Treatments chemists preventives during vegetative rest with products based on copper and at the beginning of the vegetation, preventive treatment every 7-10 days with specific products with Dithane DGSystane 12 E or Polifarm DF.


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Active ingredients against scab

  • Copper
  • Mancozeb
  • Triazoli
  • Sterol biosynthesis inhibitors (IBS) Strobilurine

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