Recognize quality lawnmowers | Types and characteristics

How to recognize a quality lawnmower: engine, technical characteristics, maintenance and what else to know before buying an essential tool to keep your garden beautiful and tidy.


When choosing the lawn mower for your lawn it is essential to know how to recognize a quality product, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, identify with certainty the most appropriate model for your needs.

They exist on the market multiple brands of lawn mowers, available at different prices and each with its own characteristics. This is why it is important to recognize them, to avoid making a mistake in the purchase or being disappointed, especially for those who are not particularly expert in this type of machine.

To dispel any doubts, in our buying guide, we provide you with all the tips to guide you in the best way before buying the lawn mower for your garden.

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Lawnmower types


For recognize a quality lawn mower first of all it is important to be well informed about the typology that you are about to buy. There are commercially available type models manual, electric, battery, petrol and robot. Let’s briefly mention the characteristics of each and some of the reasons for recommending them:

  • Manual: based on the manual push mode, it stands out for its lightness, silence, low maintenance and ease of use. It is suitable for lawns of about 100-120 square meters.
  • Electric: good handling, does not require excessive maintenance, generally it is a fairly quiet model. Among the most used in condominiums, it is mostly based on a push operation.
  • Battery operated: it does not require any electric cable and for this first reason it is immediately extremely practical. It is the right model if you have a medium sized lawn. Reduced maintenance.
  • To burst: the most powerful machine and for this reason suitable for large gardens, even larger than 1000 square meters. However, it is noisier and requires regular maintenance.
  • Robot lawn mower: the appropriate model to keep the garden tidy with very little effort. It allows you to program it and cut the grass even with high slopes, up to 55-60%. Suitable for both small gardens and large lawns (from 100 to 5000 square meters). Extremely silent.

Choose quality lawnmowers


Once you understand the types on the market, it will be easier choose the lawnmower that suits your needs. To make sure you are buying a quality model, you need to pay attention to a number of factors, which we highlight one by one below:

  • Brand: to be on the safe side, rely on a well-known brand. After-sales assistance and functionality are thus guaranteed, even if you have to take into account the higher cost compared to other models. As they say, quality costs money. Bosch, Stihl and Einhell are some of the most reliable brands.
  • Power: measured in watts, its value is particularly important when compared to the size of your garden. In general, for cable mowers, around 1000 W are needed for spaces up to 200 m2, 1300 W from 200 to 500 m2, at least 1600 W for higher values.
  • Cut: if the machine you have chosen has a helical cut, you can be sure of the good quality of the product. Maybe you don’t know that this is precisely the type used in golf courses, due to its pinpoint accuracy. The rotary cut, on the other hand, is the most widespread. This does not mean scarcity of the product but certainly a lower cutting accuracy, even if it is necessary to underline its good resistance.
  • Frame: evaluating the constitution of the frame, that is the body, is essential in recognizing the best lawn mower. Its function is to protect the motor and all electrical components inside. Among the cheapest we point out polypropylene, among the most resistant those produced in ABS and steel. Only high-quality lawnmowers stand out for their extreme robustness, equipped with a shockproof body and moisture-resistant blades.
  • Mulching functionality: a special function that allows you to cut the grass and, instead of throwing it in the bin, chop it, chop it into wires and leave it on the field, to facilitate fertilization and fertilize the soil.
  • Safety: the presence on the machine of special protection systems, capable of automatically stopping the operation of the blades if they come into contact with something. Very useful, for example, if you have pets in the garden.
  • Assistance service: the best products on the market provide more assistance centers in the area to contact. It may happen that some pieces may be broken. That is why it is essential to have a dealer nearby to contact for any replacement accessories.

Best lawn mower 2021


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For a beautiful lawn you need to use a good lawnmower. Once you have assessed what your needs are, you can choose the right way the best lawn mower 2021 among the models available on the market. Engine power, cutting characteristics, machine structure, materials and optimal practicality of use are the aspects to be identified before purchasing. On the market there are many and reliable Top brands in the sector, able to guarantee excellent quality even if with prices above the average. Let’s find out below some of the best brands.

Honda lawn mower


Wide range of Honda lawn mower designed for garden care. Designed to meet your needs, among the most requested the electric model HRE. These are three different types of machines, light, easy to use, particularly silent. They offer five cutting positions, equipped with the magnetic BBC system to activate and deactivate the cutting blades. Prices starting from € 213.00.

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Stihl lawn mower


High quality, beautiful design and multiple models. For example Stihl series 2 lawnmowers, ideal for medium-large surfaces, good cutting characteristics, with a solid structure and different equipment of petrol engines. Prices starting from € 351.00. You can buy it online or at your nearest retailer.

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Below is a complete image gallery to give you the right inspiration in recognizing your new quality lawnmower.


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