OBI garden machinery catalog

Browsing through the OBI catalog, you can find many garden machines. We have made a selection of the best models to help you choose. If you need lawn mowers, brush cutters, lawn trimmers, vacuums, blowers, chainsaws or motor hoes, here are some tips!


OBI in its catalog presents several garden machines. These have different price ranges and above all different characteristics in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

To help you choose, we want to show you some of the best models of the tools you use most often. We are talking about lawn mowers, brush cutters, lawn edgers, vacuums, blowers, chainsaws and motor hoes.


Lawn mower

Lawnmowers are of garden machines essential to keep the lawn tidy. Leafing through the OBI catalog you will find many different models both in terms of costs and characteristics.

For example, LANDXCAPE LX797 is a robotic lawnmower perfect for use on an area up to 400 m² and with a slope of 15%. There her feature is the invisible retractable base with side refill. Also, this garden machine it is managed independently returning to the charging base alone. The his cost and of € 499.00.

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Those who prefer a more traditional lawn mower and economic can focus on the electric model MOWY 300. It has a cutting width of 30 cm, while thecutting height is adjustable in 3 positions. Its a power is 1000W and it costs € 49.90.

In the OBI catalog in the garden machinery section they are not even missing manual lawnmowers, such as the model AL-KO SOFT TOUCH 2.8 HM CLASSIC. It is a lawn mower with helical cut, efficient and silent. Its lightweight, yet durable, e XL format wheels ensure excellent adhesion to the ground and do not spoil the lawn. This lawnmower it costs € 59.90.


Brushcutters and edge trimmers

To better take care of hedges and to remove excess branches that spoil the aesthetics of our garden, OBI offers various brushcutters and trimmers.

Among the electric brushcutters, for example, we can mention the model BC 1200. is equipped with a four-pointed blade, ideal for reaching even the tightest spaces. Moreover, it is easily transportable because it can be disassembled in two parts. There power is of 1200W, but it self-adjusts according to the effort perceived by the head. Its cost is € 99.90.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a battery-powered brushcutter, you can bet on the model Worx. It has two 20V batteries to ensure more power. In addition, it features a adjustable head e there removable support wheel that allow you to transform it also in edge trimmers. The stem, on the other hand, is made of aluminum, very light, easy to handle and removable. This brush cutter it costs 99.90 €.

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As for the edge trimmer one of the models in the OBI catalog is PowerCommand®. It works thanks to a 18V lithium battery. Has a’cutting width 28 cm and an adjustable speed. His cost is € 79.90.


Vacuums and blowers

Other garden machines a lot useful are the blowers and vacuums. These are needed to remove fallen branches or dry leaves and thus facilitate cleaning.

OBI proposes the sElectric offiator and wheeled aspirator with 1600W motor It is a very comfortable model, thanks also to its ergonomic handle. The air jet comes to one maximum speed of 135 km / h. His cost is € 149.00.

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A good alternative is the petrol blower RI 51261 B3 26CC. Its advantage is that it is small and compact, therefore easy to handle. However, has a engine very powerful. It costs € 129.00.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for cheaper models, you can choose the battery operated ones, such as the Einhell GE-CL model. Despite being a very light blower, it is extremely powerful. Indeed, it can reach 12 thousand revolutions per minute and ofl air jet has a speed of 210 km / h. It only costs € 39.95.



Among the garden machines that are convenient to have, we cannot fail to mention chainsaws, ideal for cutting down small trees or unnecessary branches. In particular there chainsaw 41 cc it is one of the best products that we can find by browsing the OBI catalog. There oil pump adjusts automatically is has an anti-vibration system to work better. It costs € 99.90.

Another great product is there Alpina APR 527 chainsaw, also ideal for pruning. It has a structure compact and light and is very easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic handle. Its price is € 169.00.


Rotary tillers

For those who cultivate the land, one can certainly be useful tiller. In the OBI catalog there are several types, for example the model RI41140-40WN 140CC with 40 cc petrol engine is four steel blades what it costs € 219.00 it’s a good choice.

Alternatively, there is the electric hoe RI 40080-28 with 800W motor also equipped with a protection mechanism in case of current overloads. It also has double handle for optimal control. It is a fairly inexpensive model in that it costs € 95.00.


OBI garden machinery catalog: images and photos

Leafing through the images in the following gallery you can see some of the best garden machines found in the OBI catalog. Take a look!


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