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May works in the garden

What are the works to be done in the garden in the month of May? What is sown? What are the treatments and cures to be performed before summer?

May flowers garden

May is a month of intense activity for those who practice the gardening, in fact, there is a lot to do, taking advantage of the favorable mild climate.

Gardening guide: work in the garden in May


May: Activities in the garden

May sowing in the garden

Sow in the open ground:

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Planting or planting

I this month the cuttings of dahlia and chrysanthemum are planted.

Various ornamental flowering plants are planted: zinnias, astilbe, impatiens and calibrachoa.


Plant topping

It is time to trim the main stem of the chrysanthemum to favor its flowering: How to do the topping.


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Arrangement of flower beds


Lawn care

Mow the lawn every 10-15 days; fertilize it with slow-release fertilizer and irrigate it early in the morning or late in the evening.


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For those who have an automatic irrigation system, only program the time.


Pesticide treatments

Carry out preventive pesticide treatments against scale insects, white disease or powdery mildew, scab and other parasites, on hedges and on ornamental shrubs with specific products or with organic products such as garlic, nettle or pyrethrum pesticide.

Lawn fertilization

Warnings: for use, carefully follow the instructions attached to the packaging or the advice of an expert.

Flowering plants photo gallery

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