Internal irrigation system | How to choose it

Watering the garden, the flower beds in front of the house or your small vegetable garden: how to choose the best indoor irrigation system? Let’s find out the most suitable solutions and the main characteristics, to distribute water evenly for plants and crops.


Irrigating the flower beds and the garden, cultivating a vegetable garden or plants requires a lot of effort and several liters of water. Know choose the internal irrigation system it is essential to water adequately and limit waste.

Fromautomatic irrigation drop by drop to the smart type, there are several systems to consider to obtain efficient results from every point of view.

If you also think you have the green thumb, find out in our guide which are all the types of internal irrigation systems, the main characteristics, the advantages and disadvantages, the prices of some devices.

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Irrigation system general characteristics


A simple watering can, thedrip irrigation, the use of flexible pipes, the construction of an underground system. There are many ways to bring water to plants and crops in your garden. Each system must be chosen according to the respective needs, with the automatic systems more and more popular for convenience and competitive prices. We discover below the most common, from the simplest to the professional irrigation system.

Drip irrigation


Also known as micro-irrigation, the drip system is based on the correct distribution of water, avoiding waste. A valid solution for terrace, garden and vegetable garden.

Every single crop, flower bed or plant will receive its own right amount of water, optimizing its use and contributing to the saving of such a precious resource.

The choice must be made between fixed or adjustable drippers, each with different delivery capacities, to decide the type of drip micro-irrigation that best suits the needs of each individual plant.

A drip irrigation system has a series of pipes connected to a control unit and a tap. There are several advantages of adopting this system. Here are the main ones:

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  • Automatically water the plants with the required amount of water
  • Avoid stagnation
  • Ease of installation
  • Possibility of expanding the system.

Underground irrigation


Irrigate every square meter of medium to large gardens automatically? The best solution isunderground irrigation. It is a system equipped with a series of pipes, solenoid valves and sprinklers. An efficient system to avoid wasting water and practically invisible on the outside. Sprinklers can be static or dynamic. The former have a fixed jet, the latter are equipped with a rotating system. Both have an adjustable throw range.

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Choosing this type of internal irrigation system allows optimal water distribution in the garden, avoid waste, programming it to start independently, to water the lawn even when no one is at home or when you are out for several days.

Smart irrigation system


Irrigation is getting smarter thanks to the evolution of home automation. Today it is possible connect the controllers to the Wi-Fi and that means directing the watering operations from a distance.

The smart control units allow you to manage the irrigation system directly from your smartphone. This is very useful in many circumstances, such as in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions, avoiding unnecessary waste of water. Remote control via the app avoids asking for external help, for example when traveling, programming and operating irrigation anywhere.

Before proceeding with the purchase of the devices necessary to convert the system, always evaluate the size of your garden. The manufacturers themselves indicate the maximum area that can be managed with smart features.

Irrigation control units how to choose them


From what has been described so far, it has been understood that the automatic irrigation system requires an important accessory: the control unit. There are many types available on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive Wi-Fi models. Whatever the choice, the purpose deriving from use is always the same: to automate the system.

Among the features offered, manage the automatic start of irrigation, divide the water supply into sectors, operate the rain sensor, offer full remote control via Android App and iOs. Prices start, depending on the model, from about 25 euros for the simpler control units ai 250 euros for the most sophisticated and feature-rich.

OBI irrigation system


In the store OBI and on the online platform of the famous DIY brand, you can find everything you need for internal irrigation system. Accessories for the underground system, programmers, control units and products for micro-irrigation are available. Fittings, extensions, pipes, drippers of the best brands, all at particularly competitive prices. A large catalog that we recommend that you visit, even conveniently online, to find everything you need to irrigate your garden.

Leroy Merlin irrigation system


The known French brand Leroy Merlin offers in its stores and on its online site many products for create an internal irrigation system. Systems, control units and programmers are available to always benefit from a green and well-kept lawn. You can find products for surface irrigation and all the equipment to make the system. The goods can be delivered to your home or you can choose the collection in the stores scattered throughout our territory.

Image gallery

Below is a complete image gallery to visually describe the different types of internal irrigation system, useful to inspire you in the best choice for your garden.



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