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How to choose the most suitable saucers for balcony plants

Choosing the most suitable saucers for balcony plants can be difficult when we are a beginner. What to use as a saucer? How do water reservoirs work? How do you water the plants? Let’s see together step by step how to make this choice in a thoughtful and effective way for our needs.

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When we want furnish our balcony, we pay great attention to the plants to be exhibited to make it more pleasant to live, especially during the hottest months of the year. An important aspect to evaluate for both functional and aesthetic purposes is the choice of saucers. In a smart and sustainable home, saucers cannot be missing that allow water saving, but also the intelligent management of water distribution. Of course, each plant has its own needs, therefore, we will organize them in the best possible way with the use of suitable saucers. Let’s explore the topic together.

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What are saucers?

The saucer is the envelope that contributes to the growth of the plant ensuring a reserve of water. Mainly this is the function, as well as containing and aesthetic to embellish the outdoor space of our home. Structure usually It’s composed by rigid materials with low weight, which allow you to perform the functions we have seen, without burdening the overall weight. In particular, when we opt for suspended plants, weight is an important feature to be evaluated in the choice of saucer, because it will have a significant impact.

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Why are saucers important?

The saucers are decorative elements for our plants and for the terrace, as we have seen, but we must carefully evaluate when and how they are used. Indeed, there are plants that do not need a quantity of water as a reserve. Indeed, the presence of that water would affect the life of our shrub.

The advice is to be careful when we do not use a saucer, because when we water our plants, the water that comes out of the holes in the containing pot could stain the lower surface and damage the balcony flooring. The saucers, therefore, have an important function of containment and protection against water leaks, as well as the normal functioning of absorption by capillarity of the water.

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How do water reservoirs work?

The management of the watering of balcony or garden plants must be well planned, depending on the needs of the shrubs we have, but also on our commitments. It often happens that during our travels, for holidays or for work commitments, we are absent, and clearly we cannot abandon our plants, which still need to be taken care of. The so-called water reservoir in the vessels comes to our aid.

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It is one practical tool that facilitates us in the management of watering and it is also environmentally friendly. In fact, it allows to support the growth of the plant even if it is not wet regularly. The added value of this technique is that, unlike traditional saucers in which excess water settles on the bottom, wetting the roots from below, with the risk of suffocating them, here the water evaporates upwards, keeping the soil and roots always moist but never soaked in water.

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How to choose the saucers?

The choice of saucers for balcony plants is essential to give the desired look to the environment. Let’s start with the style that our home already has inside, so as to make everything more harmonious and homogenous. First, let’s take the measurements of the pot in which the single plant is contained.

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If it is necessary to remove it, the Advice and of buy matching vase and saucer, so as to obtain an optimal result for performance. But with a view to sustainability and savings, it is advisable to avoid wasting materials and the related production of waste.

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The weight of the saucer

Let’s make attention, then, to the weight and size of the pot. If it is made up of a hand-decorated ceramic vase, clearly, we must choose saucers that are up to the task and that possess equally deserving decorations. In other cases, we can opt for very simple concave trays, similar to dishes with a wide rim, which allow a little invasive presence, but also contain a limited amount of water that comes out.

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Saucers with wheels

Lastly, we can opt for saucers with wheels, that allow greater dynamism of the balcony furniture. Especially if the surface of the balcony is very large and the furnishings we have inserted allow a movement and an arrangement that changes over time, the saucer with wheels is recommended. This typology is very useful for delicate plants that we want to move inwards during the winter to protect them.

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How to clean the saucers?

The saucer, especially during the spring, it should be cleaned regularly together with everything related to the plant itself. In fact, it is precisely at this time of the year that we go to clean and disinfect with greater care the residues of limescale and dirt that have accumulated in the cold season that has just ended. It is important to properly disinfect all containers of our plants, including the saucer, to prevent the formation of parasitic diseases which will then kill the future plants that we will grow on our balcony.

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How to choose the most suitable saucers for balcony plants: photos and pictures

A truly important object for the well-being of the shrubs on our balcony, the saucer also becomes a design element to embellish the environment. Let us be inspired by the examples proposed in the gallery.


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