How to choose the fertilizer spreader

How to choose the fertilizer spreader? Materials, fertilizer release method, size and ergonomics are what matter. Let’s see in detail all these features, how a manual fertilizer spreader works and also what is the right amount of fertilizer to use.


The fertilizer spreader is a tool that helps you a lot with gardening. In fact, it is essential to spread the fertilizer faster and make sure your soil is fertile.

We want to give you some advice on choosing the best fertilizer spreader. For this, first of all we are going to analyze the characteristics it must have.

Then, we will focus on the manual fertilizer spreader, one of the best. In the end, we give you even some tip for understand the right amount of fertilizer you need for your land.


How to choose the fertilizer spreader


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To choose the right fertilizer spreader there are a series of factors to consider. Let’s see what they are so as to have an idea of ​​how to proceed to make the best purchase for our needs.



Carefully consider that material it is done fertilizer spreader is essential to choose a quality product. Obviously, if you choose poor materials, our fertilizer spreader will not last long, so in this case focus on efficiency.

Basically we can find it of two types: hard plastic and steel. As easily understood, the steel one will be much more resistant. At the same time, however, will result also remarkably heavier.

In the case of manual fertilizer spreaders which therefore need to be dragged back and forth may not be the best solution. The hard plastic one instead turns out Very more practical and it is definitely recommended in these cases.



Another problem concerns the size of the fertilizer spreader. Again, to choose the right ones you have to consider the type of soil you need to fertilize.

Eg, if you have only a small plot, not it suits you choose a type Very great. It will just be bulky and difficult to move.

Self, instead, you have a vast expanse, you must first consider which model of fertilizer spreader you have chosen. If you have aimed at a tractor model, you can choose it also a lot great, so you don’t have to refill it all the time.

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In case you have chosen a manual model, you have to take into account that the bigger it will be, the more fertilizer it can contain and consequently it will be heavier. This also means that it will be more difficult to move.



The ergonomic factor is also an important aspect to take into account, especially if you have opted for a manual model. In fact, it fertilizer spreader must be how much more comfortable possible so that you can move without too much effort.

Generally, you can find it both with a handle and with handles. In this case it’s up to you evaluate that kind of handle you turns out more comfortable.

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Manure release method


Not everybody the fertilizer spreaders they release the fertilizer in the same way. Eg, there some are able to release Alone liquid fertilizer.

This is inserted into a tray and then spread throughout the ground through a special nozzle. This typology it is perfect for larger gardens, but care must be taken not to leave some areas without fertilizer.

Who, instead, prefers to deposit seeds so as to be sure not to leave out any part, can focus on the drip fertilizer spreader.

In the end, for larger plots, often the focus is on fertilizer spreader with rotating diffuser that it has the particularity of spreading the fertilizer own with one rotation, in order to get it farther and cover large areas faster.

Manual fertilizer spreader


Basically it Fertilizer spreader can be attached to a tractor or be manual. The latter it is one of the most used, so we want to say a few words about it.

Let’s start by saying that it is a model that good for small soils, but also for who wants a major precision and make sure that fertilizer is released in particular areas.

Generally I’m of models a lot light precisely because they must be moved easily. To make work even less tiring, they are often gifted also from a battery.

Their other advantage is the price, that remains sharply lower compared to other fertilizer spreaders. In short, it is definitely recommended for beginners.

How much fertilizer to put in the fertilizer spreader


When buying a fertilizer spreader it is also important to know how to use it well. One of the hardest things is understand how much fertilizer to put.

Much also depends on the type of land you have and what its needs are. However, you can also make a rough calculation.

First you have to measure the available surface, then multiply it by the recommended quantity of fertilizer. At this point pour half the necessary fertilizer and spread it vertically. Then, with the other half proceed horizontally in order to be sure to cover all the ground.

How to choose the fertilizer spreader: pictures and photos

Among the images in the following gallery you will be able to observe different types of fertilizer spreaders. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the photos to understand how to choose the one that’s right for you.


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