How to choose the brush cutter | Characteristics and types |

For garden cleaning, the ideal solution is the brush cutter. In this guide, find out what it is for, the main features, the types on the market and the best advice, to choose the model that best suits your needs.


Spring is the perfect season to dedicate yourself to chores in the garden. Too tall grass and unevenly grown bushes require a series of cutting and cleaning interventions, necessary to restore vigor to your lawn.

Which tool do you need? The brush cutter. It will become your trusted gardening ally.

Commercially they are available different types: electric, petrol, battery, backpack and on wheels. In this guide we describe the models, the main technical characteristics and a series of useful tips to choose the most appropriate for your needs.

Brushcutter what it is


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The grass trimmer is a tool used for cut grass, bushes and brambles. It is usually used to tidy up a flower bed, arrange the edges of a garden, areas near trees and sidewalks. These are areas that are difficult to reach by the lawnmower.

As anticipated, there are many types of professional brushcutters and for “more amateur use. Before describing the most common models for sale in specialized stores and on online platforms, it is necessary to understand a number of factors useful in choosing.

Brushcutters types

They are different the types of brushcutters commercially available. Based on the interventions to be performed, the most appropriate must be chosen.

Electric brush cutter


The electric brush cutter is the solution for cutting grass in the garden, near walls and steps. Its main peculiarity is that it is powered by the current wire. Its advantages include simplicity of use, silence and lightness. It requires little maintenance. However, it is inconvenient because it is strictly dependent on a connection with the electric cable. If you have a small lawn in front of your house, this is the model that can suit you.

Battery-powered brushcutter


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The battery-powered brushcutter allows you to cut the grass too if you don’t have a power outlet nearby. A first point in favor is therefore the lack of electric cable. Its other advantages include handling, silence and a rechargeable battery that allows you several hours of autonomy. The latest generation products are quiet, light and have good power. A greener choice compared to petrol-powered models.

Petrol brushcutter


The petrol brush cutter is a machine equipped with a two or four stroke engine, fueled with petrol or mixture. Among the strengths is one more power, allowing you to work in soils unsuitable for electric or battery models. It is also a very versatile device, capable of cut the thickest grass. Equipped with different types of blades, useful for removing shrubs. A model, however, heavier than those listed so far. A displacement of about 20/25 cc good for small spaces, over 30 cc for larger areas such as condominium gardens, at least 50 cc for thick grass and small shrubs, as they require more power.

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Backpack and wheeled brushcutter


Depending on the type of work to be done, it may be convenient to choose a backpack brush cutter. As the name suggests, it is a model that results transportable on the shoulders, designed to distribute the weight evenly on the back. A type suitable for those who have to perform cleaning operations on non-flat areas. By opting instead for the wheeled brush cutter, the movements are easier, ideal for those who have to work in larger spaces.

How to choose the best brushcutter


In choosing the most suitable brushcutter, it is essential to take into consideration a number of factors. Let’s find out the main ones:

  • Weight: carrying the brushcutter around with you in the garden can be tiring, which is why its weight is an aspect that should not be overlooked. The general rule is to choose, if possible, the lighter model, as it is more manageable and less tiring for the arms, especially if it is intended to be used for long periods (obviously not forgetting appropriate breaks).
  • Engine: the electric are lighter but less powerful than the models equipped with internal combustion engines. Based on your real needs, opt for one or the other.
  • Handles: one or two handles? The latter offer greater protection, the former are more manageable. The handle is essential that it is ergonomic, less tiring and able to guarantee a better use.
  • Wire, disc or blade: the nylon thread is used to carry out not too heavy work, such as cutting hedges that are not excessively dense. The models equipped with disc or blade can be found on petrol brushcutters, more suitable for cutting brambles and thick branches. In general, consider that the flush head is appropriate for cutting lawn grass, while the blade is suitable for brambles and shrubs.

Brushcutter tips and maintenance


The first piece of advice to follow is to pay attention to the protection of your person, however avoid unpleasant accidents during its use. It is therefore essential observe all recommended safety rules. For example, wear a visor, safety shoes, gloves, suitable clothing and possibly headphones to protect yourself from noise (especially for petrol models).

As for the maintenance, depending on the type in possession, certain behaviors must be observed to ensure the proper functioning of the machine over time. For example for i petrol brushcutters periodically check the fuel and oil levels, clean the air filter, check the wear of the blades. For the battery-powered models it is important to examine the condition of the cables. For any doubts, please read the enclosed instruction booklet and contact the supplier if necessary.

One last tip: test the tool while on, essential to verify the degree of vibrations produced.

Image gallery

Below is a complete image gallery to help you choose the most appropriate brushcutter model for your outdoor work.


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