Come scegliere le siepi migliori per il giardino 1

How to choose the best hedges for the privacy of your garden

Designing a garden also means choosing the right hedges that ensure the right privacy. Yes but how to understand which are the best?

How to choose the best hedges for the garden 1

With the arrival of spring, the desire and need to design your own garden grows. In particular, you need to think about how to delimit it to get the maximum privacy. For this purpose, and for many others, we need the right hedges.

A wall made with a nice green hedge is much more beautiful to look at than a fence or a bare wall. Before you think you can plant a hedge so, out of the blue, it is necessary take a step back e to study not only your own needs but also the type of terrain and climate in which you are.

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An effective hedge can be made with different types of plants. In some cases, shrubs may suffice. In others, however, it will be necessary to place different types of plants, perhaps more dense and tall towards the outside. Stratification is the best solution if you want to avoid the hedge’s vulnerability to pests that, in the event that the hedge is composed of only one species, it could be much more exposed.

Of course, the construction of a hedge will have to be evaluated on the basis of many factors. In addition to those already mentioned above, in fact, you will have to consider the size of your outdoor space but also the regulations in force in your municipality of residence.

For the installation of the hedge, to ensure that it grows healthy, strong and long-lasting, a team of professionals may be needed. Keep in mind that for how long the Bush may be right for your garden later must be taken care of.

In this article we will try to offer you an overview to better choose your hedge.

How to choose the best hedges for the garden 3

Hedges: what are they for

Before defining the functions of a hedge, it is necessary to take a step back and understand what a hedge is from. Often it is done together with the garden and the house itself. A hedge is nothing more than an artificial vertical structure made with plants. Hedges not only serve to delimit space but also have others functions. Let’s see what they are:

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  • they work from protection for the garden
  • shelter from the wind
  • add some greenery, because many of the plants that compose them are always green.
  • they have an aesthetic function
  • guarantee privacy
  • filter noises

How to choose the best hedges for the garden 4

How to choose the plants that make up the hedge

In order to choose the right hedge for your garden, it is necessary to distinguish between formal hedges and informal hedges.

The formal hedges are quite classic, Italian-style, made with well-cut plants that resist any climate. The informal hedgesinstead they are characterized by mixed plants, both evergreen and with flowers, often of different heights. Informal hedges are not readily available in our country.

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For ease, but also to obtain a compact hedge, aesthetically more beautiful and uniform, plants belonging to the same family are chosen. In order to obtain alternating colors, you can choose to place evergreen plants together with other varieties.

How to choose the best hedges for the garden 2

The most commonly used plants

Among the specimens that are usually planted to create hedges, some are chosen that are able to grow quickly, that can withstand harsh climates and that do not need major maintenance interventions. Let’s see what they are:

  • laurel: perfect for obtaining green and compact walls, with a beautiful light yellow bloom;
  • cypress: resists the cold, grows quickly and does not require much care;
  • viburnum: easy to grow, it can grow compactly and regularly;
  • cherry laurel: it resists well even in the harshest climates and gives small buds in spring;
  • privet: perfect for mild climates, it gives white flowers during the summer.

Plants that grow in pots, of medium size, are the ones you should go for to make your hedge.

How to choose the best hedges for the garden 5

How to arrange the plants

The layout will depend a lot on the function your hedge has to perform. You can arrange your plants in a single, straight row or plant them in several parallel bands. You can choose for this solution in case the hedge has to act as a noise barrier. In general, keep in mind that the interval between one cypress and another is 100/120 centimeters. The space left between one plant and another must take into account the plant’s development forecasts.

You can get a long, tall hedge quickly and cheaply if you buy a bare root plant. The downside could be their loss of yield over time. Factor that can be avoided by putting a growth stimulator, from time to time, in the root.

The plants should be buried in a furrow about 50 centimeters long and about 35 centimeters wide. Remember to make sure that the drainage is adequate. The roots must be put very deep and covered with earth. Keep in mind that you will need to water at least twice a week and keep the area clear.

How to choose the best hedges for the garden 6

How to choose the best hedges for the garden: photos and images

Now that you know a little more about hedges, all you have to do is get to work to find the best one for you.


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