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how and when to sow

A beautiful lawn is the desire of many. Making it, however, is not always easy, as it requires a lot of care. Let’s see them step by step.

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Lawn is the desire of many. Make it happen in your own open space, however, it can become a real challenge. In fact, in order for it to succeed perfectly and have the typical appearance of the lush green lawns found in the United Kingdom, a series of precautions are necessary both in the preparation phase and in the sowing phase, without neglecting the maintenance phase.

A priori, in fact, you will have to understand if the lawn can really marry your needs. It is a highly decorative but also delicate lawn, which does not lend itself to trampling and dry or too shaded areas. Visually a lawn of this type appears of a beautiful green color, lush and compact, perfectly cut all the same. It is made with microthermal seeds, able to germinate well in humid and not too sunny areas.

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It is not excluded that a lawn of this type can also be made with more resistant seeds that can also lend themselves to frequently (but not too intensely) trampled outdoor spaces.

The phase to be treated with more attention, to obtain a perfect English lawn, is that of sowing. The seeds must be chosen on the basis of the composition of the soil, but also on the basis of the climate. If there is a lot of sun and little rain where you live, it is better to choose macrotherms as they resist high temperatures. A trick that will help you avoid a problem: yellowed and thinned lawn in summer. In any case, it will be better to use a seed mix.

Let’s see in detail when and how to sow a perfect English lawn.

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English lawn: when sowing

To answer this question, a number of factors will need to be considered:

  • type of seeds (or mix of seeds) chosen
  • climate
  • exposure of the land
  • time available

Considering the latter factor, if you are planning to build a DIY lawn, you may only start planting when you have enough time to take care of it.

Most of the people who decide to take the road of DIY, in fact, will proceed to the sowing of the lawn during the summer season. This is possible, but additional measures will be required: prepare the soil against weeds and irrigate frequently.

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However, summer is not the best time to tackle sowing. It could be easier provided that the land has been previously treated with herbicides. Another problem to be faced is that of soil evapotranspiration: water that is released from the soil into the air through evaporation. The soil should be kept constantly moist with a good irrigation system.

Spring remains the best time to proceed with sowing the lawn. In fact, during the spring the soil temperature remains constant at 10 degrees centigrade. Although the risk of late frosts is around the corner.

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If, on the other hand, the seed mix is ​​composed of macrotherms (e.g. gramigna) you may have to wait for temperatures hovering around 20 degrees centigrade. Temperatures that can be reached around the month of May. In both cases, with a sowing in the spring, the grass will be able to take root and deal with several mowings, before reaching winter.

Lawn sowing is also possible in autumn since the danger of weeds is now far away. A problem, however, could be represented by early frosts. Sowing in winter is not recommended because of the temperatures that can drop far below ten degrees.

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English lawn: how to sow

Before sowing it is essential to prepare the soil. The first phase is to weed the ground which consists in eliminating weeds and weeds. Herbicides can be both natural and chemical.

Subsequently, the clods are crushed and the soil overturned. The plowing must be carried out at least twenty centimeters deep. If necessary, it is possible to intervene on the characteristics of the soil. For example, sand can be added.

Then, you will clean the ground removing stones and so on, using a rake. It will be, then, the moment of add peat or organic fertilizer.

Subsequently, you may want to create a slope. In practice, the central part of the lawn should be a little higher. In this way, dangerous stagnation would be avoided.

Only at the end of all these operations, you can proceed to the actual sowing. Cross-step sowing is the best technique. You can proceed by hand or with the help of a seeder. In order to bury the seed, you will need to rake or roll the soil.

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Lawn: how and when to sow – photos and images

Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​how to proceed with the creation of your perfect lawn, all you have to do is get to work. Meanwhile, find inspiration with some images.


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