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how and when to sow, useful tips

A beautiful flowery lawn can dramatically change the look of your outdoor space. But how and when is it sown? Find out by reading this article.

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Your outdoor space can become even more beautiful with a flowery lawn. After all, it is very difficult to remain impassive in front of a beautiful lawn. The games of colors are able to attract the attention of adults and children. Unfortunately, however, it is not always easy to try your hand at a flowery meadow. On the one hand, there is fear for one’s lack of experience and for the final yield.

However, there is a secret: get informed. Only by studying a little before proceeding to sowing can a good result be achieved. Don’t be scared though. Why a flowery meadow is not only beautiful but also easy to cultivate because it requires little care and no fertilization.

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Furthermore, a flowery meadow is good for the environment as it does not require chemicals or herbicides that pollute. Plants that make it up, then, they can become useful for biodiversity. The perfect mix is ​​the one that combines annuals and perennials together. In this way, you will have a lawn that is always rich but also heterogeneous.

Below, we will guide you step by step to the sowing of your flowery meadow explaining the how and when.

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What is a flowery meadow

Especially widespread in the cities of Northern Europe, the flowery meadows are nothing but fields full of flowers. you can choose also where to place the flowers creating for example, flower beds which will allow you to alternate the grassy lawn with colored spaces. The perfect alternative to the classic grass-only lawn.

You can create a flowery lawn in any portion of the land, you just have to choose the right seed mixture. We refer to the seeds of different flowering species, preferably spontaneous. The flowers can be: annual, biennial and perennial. Better to choose plants that bloom at different times so as to always have a colorful lawn with a unique landscape.

Even simple wildflowers such as cornflowers, poppies but also meadow sage are enough.

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Before sowing

Before starting sowing you will have to carry out a preliminary activity, which consists in the evaluation of the land. Indeed, it is necessary consider the choice of location chosen to create the flowery lawn. It is necessary also consider the pedological characteristics of the land to then evaluate the mix of seeds to be planted.

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You will need to consider:

  • soil texture and structure,
  • main chemical characteristics such as pH, CSC, etc.
  • climatic characteristics but also exposure, shade, slope, and so on.

Another preliminary factor: to consider the presence of weeds that could disturb a flowery meadow. If there are, it is necessary to intervene before using herbicides or other treatments. The false seeding technique can also be used. This technique serves to decrease the weeds that may be present naturally in the soil.

Next, you will need to prepare the soil for planting. Which consists inrefine it to allow even the smallest seeds to emerge. In this sentence, you will also need to add the bottom fertilizer, perfect for those soils that are not very fertile. Be careful, however, not to give excessive vegetative thrusts that could damage the blooms.

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When to sow a flower meadow

The perfect time for sowing is between September and October. This is because, in these months, the humidity and climate are particularly adequate. Furthermore, the presence of weeds is very low. When sowing in the fall, the first flowers will bloom in the spring.

Another two useful months are February and March, at the beginning of spring. Sowing must take place very early to allow the seedling to germinate and create solid roots before the arrival of the summer drought but also to protect itself from weeds. The blooms for sowing in spring, therefore, arrive in summer.

The mix of seeds needs to to be particularly valid, so that all flowers can have the right space to germinate, without one overriding the other. The right amount would be 10-15 grams per square meter. Higher seed quantities could be considered for difficult or poorer sites.

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How to sow a flower meadow

Once the mix of seeds has been defined, it will be necessary to proceed with the actual sowing. The seeds should not be buried too much. Each one, indeed, it should be placed at a maximum depth of no more than 1 centimeter. This is because the seeds need light to germinate.

Regarding the sowing bed should be fine-grainedthis is because the seeds must be able to adhere to the soil. The seeds spread out on surface. Subsequently, it rolls. Subsequently, if there is no rain, proceed to irrigation. If you are on a slope you can opt for two techniques: that of hydroseeding and that of biomats.

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Flowering meadow: how and when to sow – photos and pictures

Are you ready to sow your flower meadow? We hope we’ve given you all the right tips to do it right.


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