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how and when to sow for excellent results

Among the various types of existing lawn there is also the rustic lawn. Let’s try together to understand how and when to sow, in order to obtain excellent results.

Rustic lawn how and when to sow 1

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Do you want to have a green, lush, beautiful lawn for your outdoor space? A lawn like those seen in gardening magazines, of a beautiful green color, compact and uniform and, certainly, not asphyxiated. There are different types of meadows. The first that comes to mind is, surely, the lawn that, however, despite its beauty, has many pitfalls with regard to growth and subsequent care.

The English lawn, in fact, does not go well with the hot climates of our Southern Italy. What could it be, then, a valid alternative? The rustic lawn, an option available for Mediterranean climates e composed, mainly of gramigna, or gramignone. Both the weed and the weed are able to withstand both heat and the absence of humidity.

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Its appearance, Furthermore, it is green and homogeneous which can remind you of English lawns. The advantage of a rustic lawn, however, is that it is much less demanding, in terms of maintenance respect of the decorative lawn.

Admittedly, the rustic lawn look is not as glossy and decorative as its English sibling. Being made up of sturdier grass with deeper roots, the rustic lawn is also perfect for poor soils from the point of view of nutrients.

During the post-sowing phase, there will be some precautions to follow such as, for example, infrequent irrigation and mowing. In the end, therefore, a rustic lawn is perfect if you can spend little time gardening. Moreover, given its resistance, it is well suited if you have children, or your open space is frequently stepped on.

In summary: a rustic lawn is perfect for resisting weeds, it can be planted in unfavorable soils, not subject to rain and badly exposed; it is resistant even on sloping ground and frequent foot traffic.

Let’s see how and when to sow a successful rustic lawn.

Rustic lawn how and when to sow 4

Rustic lawn: when to sow

If you decide to sow a rustic lawn with weeds, the perfect time for sowing depends on the temperature of the soil. In fact, for microtherms sowing should not take place if the soil temperature is below 10 degrees centigrade.

The two perfect seasons, therefore, are both spring (May June) than autumn. Beware, however, of possible late frosts. Obviously, in some cases, depending on the climate present in the various Italian regions, sowing could also take place in summer.

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Rustic lawn how and when to sow 2

Rustic lawn: before sowing

Before starting the sowing of any lawn, the ground must be prepared. The earth must be made soft and rich. Only in this way can the blades of grass grow strong and healthy. You may need to use systemic herbicides and herbicides to counteract the presence of weeds.

In addition, you may need to prepare the ground with a hoe or motor hoe (if you have one or if you rent it). The next stage is that which concerns the enrichment of the land or fertilization. Furthermore, the ground may need to be adjusted. For example, if it is too clayey you may need to add sand or peat.

After spreading the fertilizer, it is necessary to mix the soil, always with the help of the hoe. With the rake, you will have to level the ground, smoothing out bumps and hollows. The depressions, in fact, are quite damaging to water stagnation. Subsequently, the terrain it should be rolled either by hand or with a ride-on mower.

Rustic lawn how and when to sow 3

Rustic lawn: how to sow

When we proceed with the actual sowing, the seed mix to generate the rustic lawn per square meter will vary. After having scattered the seeds, it will be time to rake the soil again, to bury the seeds well.

After sowing, the soil must be kept moist in depth. Watering must be given every day in summer, for three weeks, after which the seedlings have germinated. If the weather is not particularly hot, you can also water every two or three days. Attention also to stagnations

When the lawn germinates, wait for the blades of grass to reach at least 10 centimeters in height. Only after that, you can proceed with the first cut.

Rustic lawn how and when to sow 5

Rustic lawn: how and when to sow – photos and pictures

Now that the sowing of a practical cottage has no more secrets for you, you just have to get to work. We are sure that you will have great satisfaction.


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