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Hedge pruning techniques: selection guide

A tidy hedge can become the diamond of your garden. What are the most common hedge pruning techniques?

Hedge pruning techniques 1

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The hedge can have multiple purposes: decorate your garden, delimit spaces, act as a separator or help maintain privacy. Obviously, could not perform all these tasks if it is not well cared for and pruned. The strong aesthetic impact is guaranteed and, above all, it is much more beautiful than that of a fence.

Pruning techniques hedges they can be different and help them to grow healthy and luxuriant. Inside a hedge, then, we must not forget that a real ecosystem can develop, made up of insects, buds and flowers since the plants that compose it, can take the light from the side and from above.

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Therefore, to prune a hedge you certainly cannot improvise, on the contrary, it is a particularly important moment, in which some factors must be taken into account. The first, which might seem superficial, is that aesthetic: the hedge is the background to our whole garden and acts as a discriminator for the plants that we are going to insert. The second one it concerns the cleaning since the pruning of the hedge will make our garden more tidy and clean, it is better to make the two events coincide.

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Hedge pruning techniques: when to prune

A specific period does not exist but one can indicatively be established. Generally, pruning coincides with the arrival of spring, when the flowering period ends. In fact, opting for a winter pruning is not a good idea. Depriving branches in winter, when the hedge is more bare, would negate the basic function of the hedge.

Some plants, However, can be pruned need it in summer like laurel and aucuba. Others, however, such as evergreen plants, can be pruned throughout the year. Exceptions exist such as conifers which can also be pruned several times a year.

Another element to consider is the youth of the plant. Hedges made up of very young plants must undergo formative pruning that will last throughout their first years of life. Next, standard pruning will be required for routine maintenance. The latter will be useful so that the hedges can be healthy and good-looking.

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The timing of when to cut the hedge will also depend a lot on the type of hedge you have in mind: formal or informal. The first must be kept very clean and cut very well; for this they must be cut and taken care of more often. The second can be left much more natural. Obviously, the subdivision is not rigorous. Most hedges, in fact, fall halfway between these two categories.

Another way to understand the timing concerns the growing conditions of the plant: the faster it grows, the more often it will need to be pruned.

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Hedge pruning techniques: how to get started

Pruning a hedge will help it grow in a logical order. In fact, if you do not make the small and thin branches that form outside, they would prevent the passage of light and air. As a result, new leaves would not be created.

So, when pruning, you have to start from the top of the hedge, and then get to the sides. The order to follow is always the one that goes from up to down. When you go to make the cut, this must be very precise, avoiding steps. In this way, you will go to preserve the balance of the plant. Direction is also important, you will always have to follow the same direction.

Before you start cutting, it is advisable to spread a plastic sheet on your lawn. The goal is to preserve the grass. Also be careful not to cut off the larger branches. Also, if you need to make an even more precise cut, uses ropes to attach to the four corners of the hedge.

Hedge pruning techniques 4

Hedge pruning techniques: how to cut

The hedge trimmer must be held with both hands. You will need to have a stable base of support to guarantee you the right balance and distance to perform safe and simple work on your hedge. In addition to safety you will also achieve a uniform hedge.

As we said, the cut must take place from top to bottom. On the top you will need to have the trimmer in front of you and proceed with the cut with a very wide horizontal movement. Only then will the top look nice and clean. To make your job easier, you may need a hedge trimmer that has an adjustable handle.

But how do you make hedges straight and tidy? There is a little help: one end of a string is tied to a stick at the desired height. The twine will be stretched horizontally, until it reaches the other tip of the hedge. The twine must be taut. You will start pruning by following the line of the twine well.

Hedge pruning techniques 2

Hedge pruning techniques: photos and images

As you may have understood, pruning hedges is essential to preserve their health and beauty. If you are not sure you know how to apply the techniques we have described to you, do not hesitate to contact a professional in the sector.


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