Piante alte per il giardino guida alla scelta 1

guide to the right choice for you

Are you looking for tall plants that can make your garden special but you don’t know how to choose? Here is a little guide.

Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 1

Tall plants they can be very satisfying, even in small gardens. They are needed to give verticality to their green spaces, but also to shade or absorb noise. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of space you could opt for less impressive trees. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo the beauty of a shrub or other tall plants for your green space. The key word that should guide you in your choice could be: foresight. You will have to think not only of the beauty of the plant itself but also of the right distance from the house and from other plants.

Moreover, for tall plants, especially if placed in small spaces, they must be subject to regulatory constraints. In general, a distance of 3 meters from the boundaries must be maintained for large trees, while for small ones, one and a half meters. In addition to the laws, you will also need to comply purely aesthetic rules ed others that could only be good for the plant. It’s about the rules agronomic which mainly concern the use of large plants in small spaces.

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Before to think about which tall plant to choose for your garden, it would be better to draw up a small project. Keep in mind that tall plants bring the gaze of those in the garden upwards. In the project you will keep in mind all the plants you plan to plant. Of course, even if you like cedars so much, you won’t be able to place it in a small garden of a few square meters.

The wrong tall plant, if not correctly sized and placed, it could bring you various problems. That’s why, with this little guide, we want to recommend different types of tall plants that you could refer to for your outdoor space.

Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 2

Tall plants for the decorative garden: the cactus

Fat plants how the cacti, in their slender version, could be used as highly decorative elements for your garden. A cactus could reach up to 19 meters in height in nature. It is notoriously about fairly easy plants to grow, which can withstand even prolonged periods of drought.

They grow well both in large pots and on the ground. The perfect soil is light, well-draining, consisting largely of earth and sand. You have to take that into account they prefer climates very sunny, with temperatures that do not come down never below 10 degrees.

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Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 3

Tall plants for the garden: bamboo

Bamboo lends itself perfectly to delimiting spaces and embellishing them. Think of it, for example, along the spaces that line the pool area. It can also be perfect for hedges but also as a simple decorative element, in pots, in the flower beds of your garden. Bamboo loves light and slightly acid soils.

It is an evergreen plant native to the Far East, belonging to the Poaceae family. Depending on its variety, it can reach up to 25 meters in height. Pay attention to choosing the right variety. In the past, in fact, this plant was demonized for its weed and not very decorative abilities.

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Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 4

Long-lasting tall plants for the garden: Photinia

This tall plant with red leaves is evergreen thrives very well in temperate climates, although it can stand the cold. It is usually used for hedges where it performs not only an aesthetic but also a protective function. It can reach up to one and a half meters in height.

It adapts well to any type of soil even if those that are too calcareous should be avoided. The most common varieties are three: Birmingham, Red Robin and Robusta which is the most rustic of all.

Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 5

Tall plants for the garden to give privacy: cypresses

Cypress is often used for hedges that will become the symbol of your garden. It is an evergreen shrub belonging to the conifer family, very fragrant. Its conical shape is made up of leaves made up of scales. There are over 100 different varieties of cypress to choose from and some can even reach 40 meters in height.

Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 6

Tall plants for the garden: Amelanchier canadensis

If you want a tall plant that in addition to being beautiful is also able to give you very particular fruits. It is a small shrub that it does not exceed 3 meters in height. Its leaves, during the autumn period, can take on a beautiful shadea, which goes from yellow to red, which when they fall, make a beautiful foliage to photograph.

The flowers of the Amelanchier are short-lived but have a good scent that attracts pollinating insects. During the summer, the sapling will give you fruits very similar to blueberries and wild myrtle, with which you can prepare tasty jams.

Tall plants for the garden guide to choosing 7

Tall plants for the garden: selection guide – photos and pictures

Which of the tall plants, perhaps not quite usual, do you like best among those we have proposed to you? We believe you will find the right one to give your garden that extra touch.


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